When Adult DVDs first appeared the porn fans all over the world went crazy for them. Nowadays when you can watch porn on the internet you would have thought that adult DVDs are the ting of the past, but that is clearly not the case.

Adult DVDs brought something new to the game and it was the fact that you could watch them on lots of devices, they were cheap, and made by professional adult companies. These companies hire only the best pornstars and these hotties sure do know how to perform.

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that there are literally thousands of porn movies of every fetish and kink there is. Some guys love watching porn movies that involve business guys and their kinky secretaries that just love getting fucked on the table. Others prefer watching college babes that love seducing guys with their shows, and usually, these hotties love sharing. There are lesbian movies, with the hottest pornstars that love eating pussy more than anything else in the world. Cheating wives, horny neighbors, naughty girlfriends, and so much more.

Scenarios in these movies are written by professionals so it is much more than plain sex. There is a background to it, and you have to watch the entire movie to understand the plot. It lifts these movies to another level.

Pornstars starring in these movies are usually the hottest ones, and you would be surprised how good they can act. These pornstars love acting and having sex in front of the cameras so it is the perfect blend. You get to watch a movie with a real plot, but also you can enjoy watching your favorite pornstar having sex multiple times throughout the movie.

A lot of these movies turn out to be so big that the producers decide to make sequels. So you can enjoy watching your favorite pornstar, returning to her role, and having more incredible sex. Pornstars love it, customers love it, so it is clear that the porn business is sticking to DVDs for some time to come.

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