It is believed that Coronavirus or better known as COVID-19 has the ability to enter the sex dolls off through their vagina. However, it is not true at all.

  1. No ability to survive outside human cells

Coronavirus is a microorganism that does not have the ability to survive outside human cells. The material that the Sex dolls are made up of doesn’t allow the microorganism to survive. Even if there is a chance, that the ones who are designing the doll might be affected by the virus they cannot transfer to the doll because the dolls go through a lot of chemicals that kill all the germs.

  1. Virus or a microorganism

It has already been discussed that a virus or a microorganism is not able to survive in the tpe material of the sex dolls off. However, there are some who believe that the virus has the ability to stay and grow on the sex doll and is able to survive until the shipping period is completed. However, this is not true. Even if it is assumed that the virus can be transmitted through the sex dolls, the shipping period which takes almost a fortnight would automatically kill the virus. It has been confirmed by the doctors that the virus does not have a lifetime of more than fourteen days outside the human body.

  1. No strict measures

It is believed that the Government is not taking any strict measures for the shipping requirements which mean that Proper sanitization is not being done. This is a false notion, examining the import shipments even before the outbreak of the COVID-19, the government has strict rules for the important items to go to throw sanitary inspection. After the Panther makes everyone is more cautious and are taking all the necessary action. In fact, the strictness is followed to such an extent that it has hampered the business of the importers and the exporters.

  1. Not purchased as the production

Another myth is that the mini sex dolls should not be purchased as the production of the dolls was even in the process when the workers were contaminated by the virus. This has led to the spread of the virus and might easily reach for the home of the customer.

  1. Saltwater

Another myth is that saltwater can kill the viruses that are brought in by the mini sex dolls. This myth is completely false and should not be believed by one. However, if you are hell-bent on believing this made, you can go ahead and give your doll a saltwater bath. However, there is absolutely little or no chance of the virus being spread from the doll. Even if a person who is contaminated with the virus touches it. It’s time that people get rid of all these myths.

  1. Virus in sex doll

It is well known that China is the biggest manufacturer of sex dolls off. This has made people afraid of the changes that the Chinese doll might have some kind of virus that might be fatal for human health. This is completely a myth that needs to be eliminated from the mind of the human beings. Although the dolls are being imported from China, yet a lot of strict measures are being followed. This kind of rumor is mainly spread by industries that do not want the success of the sex dolls to rise.

  1. Contaminated with the virus

If a person who is sharing the doll with the owner and that person are contaminated with the virus then there is a chance that it might get spread when he is inserting his dick into that soft and juicy vagina of the doll. It is also believed that the virus might kill them instantly if they use it. It is true that everyone is afraid about the virus as no cure has yet been found. But it is also true that one should not be so much tensed about it and has so many misconceptions. It is important to be calm and face the situation.

  1. Wash the vagina

Another myth is that a person might be safe if they wash the vagina of the doll on a regular basis. This might be a myth but it is anyway advice to keep the doll clean in on a regular basis. Although it is a myth, yet if you think that it can keep you safe please do that. It might not be a good idea to trust the myths, but if the myth makes you to do something which will make you maintain particular hygiene, then you should always do it.

  1. Die instantly

Another myth is that if you use a sex doll during this situation you might just die instantly. The reason behind this kind of mindset is that the hole of the vagina of the doll is huge and has enough places for microorganisms to gather and survive.

  1. Oral sex with sex doll

People believe that it is not the right time to have oral sex with the mini sex dolls as they are manufactured in China and might have the virus.

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