South Delhi could be referred as heart of Delhi which is well known for Hauz Khas village and Shahpur village which has become hub for restaurants designer studios and many more attractive spots. This could be referred as one of the poshest areas in Delhi and also is renowned for high end cosmetic surgery clinics. 

Hair transplant in South Delhi is definitely very much in demand as few of the best hair transplant clinics are developed in this area and maintaining world class standards. These clinics are the ones which are mostly approached by the domestic and international patients including the celebrities. In India, hair transplant cost is very affordable which could range from 60,000 to 400, 000 INR and vary as per the clinic and various other associated factors. 

Hair transplant is basically performed by taking out the hair grafts from the donor areas of your body which are then transplanted at the desired bald area. There is definite role of an expert and experienced surgeon in performing hair transplant as the technique demands highly précised hands with sound decision making. 

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinic in India which has huge infrastructure set up in Greater Kailash Part II, South Delhi. The clinic is situated in the heart of Delhi and is jeweled with one of the pre eminent hair transplant surgeon of this country: Dr Suneet Soni. Every year we serve more than 100 patients for hair transplant and other hair loss issues and till now more than 5000 success stories are been added in our bucket list. Dr Suneet Soni is a compassionate yet professional hair transplant surgeon and what make him unique are his skills, artistic vision and honesty to maintain transparency with the patient. 

You can definitely choose South Delhi as your dream destination for hair transplant treatment. Here are explained few of the short listed factors which need to be looked upon for achieving the successful outcomes. Medispa hair transplant clinic surely qualifies all the criteria to be the best clinic offering the world class hair transplant outcomes. 

    1. Look for the qualification of the hair transplant surgeon: Qualification of the hair transplant surgeon apparently matters a lot as you cannot expect an under qualified surgeon to know the anatomy of human body and the procedure. A super specialized surgeon learns for years the internal aspects of the procedure which enhances their decision making and excellence in that field. So you definitely cannot rely on an inexperienced sub qualified surgeon for hair transplant or any other surgical procedure. 
  • Look for experience: Experience of the hair transplant surgeon is also one of the crucial factors which has cannot be overlooked and neglected. The experienced surgeons are expected to be trusted for the best outcomes with least damage rate and natural looking outcomes. Experience can be checked for the years but also for the numbers of cases performed in those years. 
  • Avoid lure of branded clinics: Branded clinics are definitely in trend these days but how fruitful they are in field of hair transplant seem questionable. Hair transplant surgeon are looked for their expertise by checking on the previous patient’s results and in branded clinics the hair transplant surgeon keeps on recruiting which makes it difficult to believe that which hair transplant is performed by whom. Including, in case you want to consult the same hair transplant surgeon during the process of your hair growth and the surgeon has been replaced it becomes a challenge to trust a new surgeon at that time. 
  1. Expertise of the surgeon matters the most: Expertise is what we look in a hair transplant surgeon and is an inbuilt trait which cannot be learnt. You should surely check the expertise of the surgeon despite the fact that how much reputed the clinic is. The expertise can be checked by checking on the reviews of hair transplant surgeon, testimonials of the patients and definitely the previous patient’s gallery and the videos while performing the procedure and the patient’s experience. 
  2. Cost effectiveness option with high quality: You surely cannot compromise on the quality of the hair transplant as apparently these procedures are very precision based. So you cannot prioritize your search based on the above listed parameters and then choose the cost effective among them instead of considering the cost a primary factor. 

For any queries feel free to book an appointment with us at Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur.

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