There are lots of options regarding sex dolls today but always the best option is to build your own. When you build your own sex doll, you select the features that suit your desires the best. To build your own sex doll it is not expected from you to build her using your own hands, but to select the features and options you like and order the one to be built only for you.

There are lots of different types of dolls when it comes to the body figure and extras so take your time to study all of the perks. Having a unique sex doll is an amazing feeling and it also means that she is built like the perfect woman from your dreams. When you build your own sex doll, you treat yourself to a unique product that is definitely going to improve your life.

There are lots of benefits of having a custom and unique sex doll and here are the top 5.

  1. You can choose from lots of different body types that suit you the best. Guys are different in general and not everyone loves having a slim-fit girlfriend or a chubby one on the other hand, so make sure to select the one that resembles your perfect type. Apart from the figure, you can choose different races like White, Ebony, Asian, Latina, or even alien-like.
  2. One of the best things when building your own doll is the chance of choosing the perfect boobs type. Some guys love small tits on a fit body when others crave huge tits. You can have any type of boobs you desire on any type of body.
  3. You have lots of options like body heating, touch sensors, and AI. Make sure to select all of the options you think would further improve your sex life.
  4. Price is always one of the main factors when we buy something, and when building your own doll, you are able to set the price range you want.
  5. You are always able to request for a face of a doll that is not in the offer and get it made custom for you.
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