Today in the market, a wide variety of linear motion goods are available, making it challenging to choose the right one that will fit your need. Oil-free and affordable linear motion guides eliminate the need for heavy pillow blocks, shaft supports, unwanted seals, wipers, and lubrication systems. Recently, the introduction of flexible, long-lasting LM slide bearing (ลูกปืนสไลด์ LM, which is the term in Thai) is a game changer in the industry. 

Here are a few tips to help you find the suitable LM Slide Bearing

Linear Bearings 

Linear bearings are a special kind of bearing designed to “carry” the weight of the carriage along the track as it slides over the rails with minimal resistance. The carriage in a linear guide is the part that slides up and down the length of the guide rail, mounted on the linear bearing. Different linear bearings use fluid devices or rolling elements to minimize friction. 

How To Select The Best LM Slide Bearing

  • Understand The Materials

Your first step is to select the materials per your requirement; it’s best to pick from single carriage blocks made of durable materials combination of  316 Stainless Steel, hard-anodized Aluminum, and zinc.

As well as being lightweight and corrosion-resistant, hard-anodized aluminum is better suited to high shock loads. Besides, 316 Stainless Steel is more potent than zinc and aluminum carriages and is corrosion-resistant.

  • Verify The LM Slide Load Bearing Capability

 The bearing diameter required for your LM slide will depend on the weight of the load your application will put on it. Generally, you can get an LM slide bearing starting from 94 -150 pounds per bearing. Again diameters that are popular in the industry are 6 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, and 25 mm, etc.

  • Follow Your Applications Guide

Determining the nature of the targeted use is crucial when selecting an LM slide bearing. Some parameters frequently used in the design of the applications include load, accuracy, stiffness, and acceleration.  In many cases, a few parameters can determine the ideal linear guide.


It’s important to weigh each product’s pros and cons before deciding which application to use. Some other factors to consider before you pick your LM slide bearing like Loading, Low profile, Temperature resistance, Corrosion resistance, Price, Environmental performance, and Adjustable clearance availability.  The LM Slide bearing surface should be self-lubricating, so further lubrication is not required.

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