Big brands use high-quality images printed on blinds as part of their marketing campaigns. These images look amazing, especially when printed on a huge blind like the one below (center).

At other times, it is possible to use a printed blind to transform the view of the window. Maybe it’s a grey, dreary day outside in an industrial estate: the views aren’t exactly inspiring. A printed roller blind allows a business to pull down the roller blind and transport its employees elsewhere, stimulating creativity and new ideas

A picture says a thousand words and has the power to relax, move, motivate and focus one’s mind. Depending on the situation, a printed blind can provide a welcoming portal to another world. At the hospital, we imagine that most would rather be anywhere but a ward. A small blind with a calm image can draw the eye and provide a welcome distraction. Finally, printed blindsare perfect for children’s corners, turning a dull room into an exciting, colorful playground

Colorful printed blinds

Color-printed blinds are ideal for a wide range of industries and businesses. Whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, or salon owner, having your logo with matching colors helps emphasize your brand identity and helps you stand out from the local competition in your area.

Although modern marketing is extremely effective, simple but effective types of marketing can often be forgotten. Simply having your brand identity printed on your blinds, will help many people – and potential customers – to know where you are based and who you are!

Digitally printed blinds

Digitally printed blinds for your business. You create your company logo, mission statement, and colors and have them professionally printed in high resolution on only the best types of fabric. digitally printed blinds are available at competitive and affordable prices and are custom designed by our in-house graphic designer.

The most popular product, blinds with digital printing are printed on white fabric with the company logo. You can use a variety of fabrics for this, including standard, blackout, and shade as our most common solutions.

Depending on the design of your window frame will determine where the logos on the blind should be placed for the best impact, so we ask all customers to send us a photo of each window as well as a copy of your logo.

Blinds with logo print

Many businesses have blinds on the windows of their offices or other spaces for the benefits they bring. But they can often miss the opportunity by opting for plain, simple blinds. Here’s a look at the benefits of logo blinds for any type of business.

Logo-printed blinds involve adding a company logo to the blind so that you can view the logo from outside the building when it is in use. This creates an elegant look and also contributes to the branding of the business premises.

Roller blinds with a logo also act as a signpost where your company is located. Maps and street signs are great to follow, but there’s nothing easier than seeing something big and colorful in front of you that shows where your business is. And these blinds can do it for any type of business.

Blinds in commercial spaces also create a more comfortable working environment, allow employees to limit sunlight entering the room, and make it easier to maintain a constant temperature. Employees often struggle to see computer or tablet screens due to strong sunlight, and installing blinds can alleviate this problem. By adding logos to blinds, you can add the benefits of logo blinds to those of normal blinds to get more for your business

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