We always dream about a new house. As someone who has recently moved into a new landed home solo, without a wife and children (but with a pet cat, I always find myself going towards home designs. I always love the idea of having warm and comfortable interiors that makes your home living worthwhile. However, the funny thing is I haven’t thought about opting for an interior design firm in Singapore.

The Idea For Transforming My Home

One factor is the budget as well. While I still have a heart for interior design and all that stuff, it took me quite some time to figure out what I wanted for my home. It wasn’t until I was nearing 12 months since I decided to move out from my previous apartment to the landed home where I am now.

There is something about having a more ‘complete’ home where you can decorate and redesign everything at your own will. While getting the best interior design in Singapore is far-fetched in my current financial state, I couldn’t be happier living in an ideal home that I picture inside my head.

Opting for a home design in Singapore entails a financial responsibility and a bit of familiarity with your home. Therefore changes won’t be too ‘foreign’ for you—at least in my opinion. The idea of having a modern minimalistic home, the things that I often see in some well-designed HDB homes, is something that I aim to do.

While I am passionate and enthusiastic about home designs, it didn’t translate well with my ability to carry things with my own mind and hand. Nevertheless, I would still find more satisfaction in hiring an interior design specialist than attempting a DIY interior design. I have no intention of making any mess in my own home!

Experience With A Professional Interior Design Service

As the day of my initial plans to transform my home gets a few inches closer, I decided to look for an interior design firm in Singapore. Fulfilling my dream idea for a modern minimalistic home is something I was expecting to be quite frank. Hence I decided to make a huge leap in my investment. I always thought that choosing the right professional service will help me meet my expectations, no matter how much the cost.

So far, I have never been more impressed with the look of my home after a few weeks of labour to fulfil the design. Starry Homestead has proven to be something I—as a homeowner, could entrust to help me bring my dream home into a reality. Professionality, knowledge and swift procedure was a significant factor in my experience. My home has never been more comfortable and functional, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

The journey I had with an interior design firm has been overall satisfactory on my end. I truly recommend getting a professional interior designer if you want to achieve your dream home! Look for an interior design company in Singapore like Starry Homestead!

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