OCR AI And Accessibility: How It’s Improving The Lives Of People With Disabilities


Have you ever thought about how physically disabled people learn to read and try to understand what we’re saying? It can be challenging for those with physical disabilities like blindness, dyslexia, vision impairment, and other learning issues.

OCR AI solves this problem by converting visual information into text-based digital files that can allow people with hearing and eye-sight issues. It enables them to learn anything quickly that can only be seen or heard.

The technology also helps convert image files and documents into digital text file formats that can be easily understandable by disabled people. Let’s first know what OCR AI is and how it can help physically disabled people encounter challenges.

What is OCR?

OCR AI, also known as Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that helps extract information from scanned image files, documents, and pdfs. It does this conversion by using both hardware and software. Hardware devices, like scanners, can scan or read documents, and the software handles data conversion and processing

Software based on OCR AI extracts the letters first and then groups them into words and later into sentences. It can benefit businesses with scanned invoices, contracts, forms, and documents. Let’s see how it can help in making the tasks for disabled people more manageable and how they can benefit from OCR AI in their day-to-day life.

How OCR AI is helping people with disabilities

It’s difficult for people with learning difficulties to understand printed media and dialogues. If the scanned information is presented in digital text files, it can help people understand and read printed media like newspapers, magazines, and books.

OCR technology tries to recognize the shapes of letters and put them into words and sentences. Moreover, it makes the converted digital file searchable and editable. Users can search for specific data in the document by specifying a keyword, making this data available to those with learning disabilities.

OCR AI Software containing the following features can benefit people with eye-sight problems and blindness issues –

  • Text-to-Speech – Text-to-Speech reads the text aloud, which makes it easier for visually challenged people to understand the written content of scanned files. It allows people to hear the text on the screen rather than trying to read it, which can be difficult or impossible for them.
  • Image descriptions – The image description feature provides spoken and written descriptions of images. This feature can provide written captions that can be more accessible for disabled persons.
  • Adjustable font size – Those who are partially sighted can read the text by adjusting the font size and contrast. It can be difficult for these people to read small texts. 
  • Change the background color – This feature allows changing the screen’s background color for those who cannot see correctly.

The following features can benefit people who have learning differences –

  • Text-to-Speech – Text-to-Speech can also benefit people who have learning difficulties. 
  • Highlighting and annotation – Highlighting and annotation allow highlighting and adding notes to text to help people understand and remember the notes better.
  • Adaptive Learning – Adaptive learning can help adjust the difficulty level of text based on the user’s performance.
  • Display one word at a time – By displaying one word at a time on the screen, people with dyslexia can focus on a single word and understand it better

Wrapping Up

OCR AI is a wonderful technology that can make it easier for disabled people to overcome reading and learning challenges. The features like image descriptions, text–to–speech, etc., help create an educational environment. Since OCR AI software can translate content to digital format, it becomes accessible for students in multiple ways, including the audio version. To top it all, it saves time by eradicating manual tasks such as corrections and retyping – enabling a smooth learning experience.

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