The engagement ring was probably an exciting choice, if you picked one for your lover. Fortunately, the choice of Wedding Rings is one that you can make together.

Where Did It All Start?

The origins of wedding rings go back to ancient Egypt. The women received various rings in honor of the marriage. However, they were made of materials that did not last long for example, leather or ivory.

This tradition was later adopted by the Romans, but changed the meaning of the ring “slightly”. Rather than a symbol of his love for a woman, the ring should indicate that the woman is in his possession. During Roman times, rings also began to be made of stronger materials, most often iron. It was meant to indicate the strength and permanence of their relationship. Later, the Romans also began to make wedding rings from silver and gold. But they did not appear at the altar, the man gave it to the woman as he carried her across the threshold of their new house.

It is believed that the tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the left ring originated during the time of the Romans, who believed that the vein “vena amoris” passes through this finger, leading directly to the heart. It is also said that it was they who first began to engrave various inscriptions and brands into their jewelry

Vicious Circle

Why is the symbol of married men and married women just a ring and not another piece of jewelry? Its shape plays a role here, i.e. a circle that has no end or beginning and thus symbolizes the endless bond of love between a man and a woman.

Wedding Ring as a Duty

Around 860 AD, Pope Nicholas I declared wedding rings a compulsory part of the wedding ceremony. At the time, wearing wedding rings was only a woman’s affair. Wedding rings for men began to become a habit only during World War II, when men began to wear a wedding ring as a reminder of their family and especially the wife who is waiting for them at home.

Period of Unlimited Possibilities

Today, when choosing wedding rings, we have essentially unlimited possibilities. The most frequently chosen materials include yellow, white and rose gold, silver, surgical steel and titanium. However, the combination of different colors of gold or materials is no exception. Today, women often have their wedding rings decorated with precious stones such as beautiful diamonds or zircons.

Start on time

Look at home together (about 6-8 months in advance) to see what you like. This way you will not be overwhelmed by all the possibilities in the jeweler and you can orient yourself at your leisure. Do you want the wedding rings to match or with the engagement ring? What kind of material would you like and what price tag can be attached to the wedding rings? If you look at this a little at home, you can look a lot easier and more focused in the jeweler for your ideal wedding rings and you also know what you like about each other. If you also want to have your wedding rings engraved, keep in mind that depending on the jeweler, this can also take up to 3 weeks.

New Data Reveals Engagement Ring Trends in Different Cities and States

Infinity symbol

When you get married you will seal the love for each other and a wedding ring symbolizes infinity. Just like your love, the wedding rings should last forever. When choosing your wedding rings, pay close attention to their quality and the service and warranty that the jeweler offers. You can often find the purity of the metal as a hallmark on the inside of the ring. For example, in a 14 karat gold ring you will find 585 in the inside of the ring and for a platinum ring PT950. If you choose wedding rings with diamonds in them, you often get a certificate of authenticity with your purchase.

Through thick and thin

When you start looking for wedding rings, remember to choose a good time for this. Your fingers can vary in size due to cold or warm weather and of course you want to be able to wear it all year round. For example, if you are going to look for wedding rings in the middle of summer, it is wise to schedule the appointment in the morning and not in the middle of the day when your fingers (due to the heat) can be a bit swollen.

Your lifestyle

Just as you fit together and want to stay together forever, it’s also nice if you choose wedding rings that you always want to wear. Do you often sit with your hands in the water or do you have work in which you process hard materials? Then keep this in mind when choosing your wedding rings. Wedding rings with gemstones also require more maintenance than simple rings.

Do you not like rings at all nor can you not always wear them because of your work or allergies? Then you can also choose another piece of jewelry such as a watch or necklace. You can also consider a matching tattoo as a symbol of your love.

Think carefully

Since this will probably be some of the most important jewelry you will ever buy, it is important that you spend plenty of time clarifying your wants and needs. Before you go to the jeweler, you should ask yourself some questions and maybe seek inspiration in magazines and on various media what is your style as a couple? Should the rings be simple and elegant? What color of gold do you like? Should the rings match each other at all, or will you let your unique personalities reflect the wedding rings? You can also consider whether you want to save small romantic messages in the engraving.

Once you have gathered the thoughts on your common drawing board, and got a basic idea of ​​what you want, it’s time for the fun part: visiting the jeweler, whose job is to turn your thoughts and dreams into reality. Make sure you start looking at rings at least two to three months before the wedding. It takes time to find the right wedding ring.

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