How Can you Fetch Users who have Deserted Your App After Their Initial Use?

Why Users Leave A Mobile App?

For any company, having a mobile app is crucial. This helps in expanding your brand and product and reach. But many companies are facing a drop where there is an abandoned mobile app and this could be due to several reasons. Old content is a crucial reason why many are abandoning your app, if you do not have rich content depending on the need of the hour, you might be lagging behind a lot.

Many find an app. to be not trustworthy. There could be technical glitches and this is why many stay away from a particular app. Bad user experience could be another vital factor in why many abandon apps.

What are User Engagement and User Retention?

The mobile app industry is quite young but is one of the major growing ones in recent times. And, for mobile app, user engagement is of utmost importance. The main indicators that an app is succeeding are through user engagement and retention. Nowadays, most companies are working to ensure their app stands out among the rest in this competitive market.

Retention is the term that denotes the number of users who have returned to the app after their initial download. And, most companies now have dedicated teams who strategies to increase the action on the app and make it more attractive for the user.

Ways to Re-engage App Users

·       Push Notifications:

When it comes to re-engage users, this is one of the most effective ways one could do it. The type of business you are in and the long-lost users you want to retain, there are a few strategies that you could utilize. You can reach your user with a simple message. Push-notifications should be devised nicely because you have to grab the attention of the user.

·       Loyalty Programs:

When you offer loyalty programs in the form of incentives, discounts, and special offers, you will be retaining your users a great deal. You can go for offering points with purchase which can be later redeemed increasing your user engagement.

·       Update:

The update is necessary to keep up with what your users want. From app design, user-interface color, app section, everything should be updated. And, let your users know that you are providing them with that. With analytics, you can bring the necessary changes.

·       Appearance on Social Media Channels:

This is one of the best ways by which you could engage with your users actively. Social media distribution tools formulate it into something easier for you. You can observe where users spend their time and make your social media presence accordingly for user retention.

·       Email Re-Engagement:

Their email id is something that will always be valuable in reaching them. This is a great way to interact with anyone who is not using the app anymore. Implementing it the right way brings back a lot of lost users. This is one of the most important tools you could use to re-engage app users.

An beneficial blog post about re-engagement with users helps you understand how you could benefit from the already available tools and strategies and get back users for your app.

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