Locked is one of the best telugu mini web series out there for some curiosity craving viewers. It’s a thriller web series written and directed by Pradeep Dev Kumar and as Satya dev played in the lead role, the mood that was set by his acting just makes the series more thrilling to watch. It just leaves you with a thrilling experience any other film could offer. This is a best web series you should watch in 2020 and should definitely add it to your telugu mystery thriller series watch list. There are many series to watch on aha shows.

Cast & Crew:

Actor: Satya Dev Kancharana

Actress: SamyukthaHornadu, Sri Lakshmi,

Other Actors: Inturi Vasu, BindhuPagidimarri, Keshav Deepak, John Kottoly, Aberaam Varma, KrishanManjushaChivukula

Director: Pradeep Dev Kumar.

Producer: Ram Ganesan, K.S. Madhubala, Shanmuga Raja

Music Director: Prashanth Srinivas

Cinematographer: NijaiGowthaman

Written By: Pradeep Dev Kumar

Know More About Movie:

Runtime: 7 Episodes 30 minutes each.

Released: 25 March 2020

Genre: Psychological Thriller


The protagonist of this story is Dr. AnandChakravarthy, a professional neurosurgeon and a professor at a university. He is smart and intelligent, there is nothing he does not know in his area of expertise. He is keen, precise and focused on what he teaches and what he does. One of his students admires him for his knowledge and expertise in his profession and begs to help his mother who is on the edge of dying, Dr. AanandChakravarthy could not save her as the problem got out of hand. One night, Student goes into the professor’s mansion as he doubts him for some confidential matters just like some more people find a reason to enter his house on their own. Now everyone becomes a victim for knowing some of the most hidden secrets professors have secured all these days. It’s the life and death situation for the innocents trapped in his mansion, as the title suggests “LOCKED”.

Technical Aspects:

  • Execution of the content in the film was incredibly well, all of the film was much the same as handmade.
  • Cinematography is the best resource for the film. You can enjoy this with its specialized viewpoints. It was made with flawlessness.
  • Music and background score is a temperament creator and its soothing to ear.
  • The screenplay is capricious. It is obvious as it crosses the desire for the watchers and gives an unmistakable model for other people. For a low spending like this is so love.

Artist Performance:

  • Satyadev is an extraordinary artist as we definitely know and in this series also he just nailed it.
  • Samyuktha, It was the correct series for her to get the spotlight and she totally used her chance and proved herself.
  • Bindu acted consummately in that crazy spouse job.

Do watch this movie to while away time and to make best use of the time! Watch Locked web series online only on Aha! Don’t miss and  enjoy every bit of the exceptional thriller.

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