Sunglasses are always associated with summer because it is very annoying when the sun goes into your eyes. But, it doesn’t affect us like in the winter which has more health risks. You would want to find a pair that you will use for both seasons or just have one for each occasion. It depends on your needs and how good is your vision.

If you can’t see very well, it’s much better to have a few models and styles so you can do sports, work or go out with them. Your ophthalmologist maybe doesn’t have everything you need so it’s better to check what types exist online. You will for sure find more options and compare prices because some opticians can be more expensive than a local store.

Why Is Winter Dangerous For Eyes?

Snow can be a lot of fun when are can ski and sled but the danger comes from the UV energy from the sun that has an effect on us. The problem with snow is that it works like a mirror for these rays which means that it reflects directly toward our sight. It is the same principle that happens on oceans, swimming pools or lakes. Make sure your Gucci Glasses have UV protection on the label.

It depends on much of it can be reflected but some people say it goes up to 80%. If you spend your time on the mountain during the winter, you should know that the effect is stronger on higher altitudes. This is a more complex way of telling you that eyewear is necessary especially for your kids. They are more vulnerable so make sure they are wearing them even if they don’t want to.

What Happens When You Don’t Use Protection?

Photokeratitis condition is on the end of the line which means that 99.9% of people won’t get it because it is known as snow blindness. Some people will think they got it when they spend a whole day outside without wearing eye protection. Your vision becomes blurry and you can be briefly blinded by the bright light and some objects might leave traces of color.

It is caused by burning off some of the cells from the top layer of your eye. You probably heard people say you shouldn’t look at the sun and that’s the reason, the damage can be permanent if you do so. A good thing is that you will naturally heal if you take good care.You can generate new cells and you might even feel better because you’ll replace the old ones.

How To Protect Yourself During Winter?

If you already have problems with your vision, you should wear sunglasses especially if you spend time on high altitudes. You can also get one-day contact lenses if you plan to play some sports. If you really want to improve, try to drink more water and avoid alcohol because it dries out the whole body. Omega-3 can also help by increasing the quality of your tears which are there to clean your eyes. Visit here for more info:

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