While buying any vehicle, you will need lots of cash to make a down payment. However, the car will lose its value the moment you drive it out of your car agency. Hence, buying a car can never be a great option during a period of recession when sufficient emergency saving is needed for survival.

So, under the present situation, when you have to decide between buying or leasing any car then perhaps leasing will be the best option to choose. In case of leasing a car, you have to put in a very little amount of down payment.

Lease A Car Direct can also offer the service of an experienced auto broker who can help you to get a much better deal for getting a leased car. Let me tell you few more reasons for taking a car on lease rather than buying a car.

1.    Leasing is a short-term commitment

These days, people are more worried about their job security and also about their finances and hence nobody likes to go for any long-term financial commitment. Leasing is usually a 2 to 3 years commitment.

2.    Leasing needs little upfront money

Due to the recent lockdowns, many people have exhausted their savings and have very little money to pay downpayment. However, lease contracts need little or almost no money down.

3.    Manufacturer incentives abound

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Most carmakers during each month are offering various incentives for leasing or buying cars that make leasing a much affordable option.

4.    Leasing will protect against sudden depreciation

In today’s situation, nobody can predict what your car will be worth after 2 to 3 years. Therefore, if the value of your car depreciates severely then it will be the problem of the lender and not yours.

5.    Better deals

By taking a car on a lease, you can always get a better deal by directly dealing with the car manufacturer rather than any car dealer, as a car manufacturer can make a better decision than a dealer.

6.    Never worry about selling your car

When your lease period will end then you can simply return the car and take another fresh new car on lease. You need not look for the customer to sell your car.

7.    Stay dynamic

With the lease option, you can quickly get in or out by paying very little upfront money and a much lower cost every month. Traditionally, it will be a much economical option to have a new car and you can stay dynamic.

8.    Leasing is much easier and quicker

Since most manufacturers tend to believe that leasing will make a more loyal customer for them in the future and hence they will try to make the deal much easier and fast to win you.

Most of the buyers these days are also coming to a similar conclusion. If you look at the data available with various automakers, the number of people preferring lease options has increased from 31 percent to 52 percent over the last few years.

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