Comedy is one of the best forms of entertainment because it can cause a full-body reaction, whether it’s good or bad.  Although many people are trying to get back to concerts or avoid the trouble of socializing: a comedy show is a must.


These are the top reasons everyone should consider going to a comedy show.

Connect With Strangers

Many of us have become disconnected from the masses in recent years.  Whether it’s because we’re focused on working from home or we’re concerned about our health, human beings are social creatures!  Getting to be in a crowd and connect through laughter and a shared experience will give you the chance to feel like you’re part of a community.  This is great for mental health and can leave you with an experience you’ll recall for months.  

Let Go And Laugh

Although laughter feels good and is good for us (it’s shown to ease symptoms like pain and headaches), it can be hard to make ourselves laugh.  Instead, leave this work to a comedian who knows what they’re doing and is able to keep you laughing.

When you laugh, you release endorphins, the natural feel-good chemicals that our body needs to feel joy and happiness.  Laughter can also stimulate circulation and help with muscle relaxation, which can help you feel better in the long run.

A great comedy show can be awesome for your health if you give it a chance.  

Watch Someone Skilled at Their Craft

We all want someone who’s skilled at their craft to shine, and nowhere do they do that better than in a comedy show.  A comedian can capture your attention and tell you jokes that are clever and complex, or they can go a simpler route and surprise you into laughter with anti-humor jokes.  No matter how they perform, the venue probably went out of their way to book a comedian who could bring that energy to the stage.

Learn To View things More Creatively

A large reason why we laugh when we hear a good joke is in reaction to the surprise we feel about the punchline or about where the joke is going.  This surprise means that we’re learning something new and developing new pathways to think about things.  Comedy gives us the chance to think about things differently and frame the information we gain in a different light.

Enjoy The Energy of a Live Show

There’s nothing like a live show to change how you feel.  There’s electricity that fills a room when a great comedian is putting their skills to use; it’s unlike anything else.  Even a bad show can change everything when you get to react along with the audience, laughing for the wrong reasons or generally cutting up.  This fun and entertaining energy will follow you regardless of what you’re doing or going through, so it can change your entire week.

Nothing is as Exciting as a Live Comedy Show!

A live comedy show can change everything depending on who’s performing!  If you have the time to take a couple of hours and support some local comedians, take the time and do it! 

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