Our muscles and bones go through rough patches every day of our lives. It’s responsible for supporting the weight of our bodies, enduring strenuous exercises, and supporting us in sports and games. Because of these continuous stresses, they also have to bounce back from intense injuries such as a shoulder labral tear in Singapore, and metabolic diseases like osteoporosis.

That is why the musculoskeletal system matters. To live a healthy and normal life, you must ensure it stays in top condition for years to come. But most of us don’t notice it unless there’s something wrong. No one wants to fall victim to hip injuries and submit to hip replacement surgery in Singapore. Do not wait several days to weeks of not being able to move around to realise that your musculoskeletal system matters a lot. If you want to stay active for many years, make it one of your priorities.

Middle-aged and older people might have a reason to find the best orthopaedic surgeons and doctors to help them with their condition.

Why do orthopaedics matter more when you get older?

The study of orthopaedics formed because of a desire to treat children with musculoskeletal problems. Now, orthopaedics is a field that encompasses individuals of all ages. That’s because you can experience orthopaedic problems at every point in your life, and you could be more prone to getting orthopaedic issues in your later years. For example, your chances of getting a hip labral tear in Singapore become much higher as you get older because these things usually escape notice when you are young.

As you get older, your body does too, and the musculoskeletal system is where it will show the most. You may find that it has become a lot more difficult for you to move around as much, and you may notice that your performance in sports may not be what it used to be. While ageing is a completely natural process, you can still keep fit and be in great condition for a long time if you learn how to manage yourself.

However, some orthopaedic conditions might not appear until you are much older. As you age, you must consult a hip, shoulder, or knee specialist in Singapore to help you with your condition. They can guide you through the difficult process of recovery.

Common orthopaedic conditions when you get older


As you age, you are exposed to musculoskeletal issues. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely accept what happens to your musculoskeletal system. Finding out ways to protect your body from pain or injury is natural. Recoveries from injuries such as a shoulder labral tear require medical intervention.

There are multiple areas of concern in elderly people’s limbs and joints. Let’s explore which areas of your body you should be focusing on when you receive orthopaedic treatment. Your hips, shoulders, and knees are just three of them. Here are a few examples of conditions that mostly affect the elderly.

Shoulder labral tear

A shoulder labral tear is a type of shoulder tear wherein cartilage in the inner portion of the shoulder joint tears. This type of shoulder tear is usually found in athletes, but a surprising number of older patients have been diagnosed with it in recent years. SLAP tears usually occur when there is a sudden jerking or movement of the arm and can cause pain and even clicking in the shoulder.

Unfortunately, shoulder labral tears cannot be healed without medical intervention and may require surgery. For young individuals, a shoulder tear repair surgery can relieve pain and return their range of motion and activity, but older individuals are more susceptible to shoulder tear repair-related complications.

Hip fractures

Hips are the biggest joints in our body, so you need to handle them with care. There are many types of hip fractures, and they can all accompany swelling, bleeding, sudden pains, and bruising. Surgical means like total hip replacement surgery in Singapore could be an option for hip fractures, but not always.  If you’ve gone through an accident, always seek immediate medical help to prevent worsening situations.

Frozen shoulders

Sometimes, you do not need to feel pain. You might notice something wrong before the pain.  Unlike a shoulder labral tear, where your shoulder’s range of motion is limited, people with frozen shoulders experience difficulty with a full range of motion. This can severely restrict your ability to do even simple movements like putting a shirt on, reaching behind their backs, or scratching an itch.

You can improve shoulder motion with non-surgical methods. If you’ve been diagnosed with frozen shoulders, your orthopaedic doctor may recommend you for physical therapy and medication. Physical therapy is crucial for improving the range of motion in your shoulders.


Arthritis in older individuals can affect most parts of a senior’s body, but they are much more common in the knees. Arthritis rubs away the cartilage in people’s bones. When cartilage deteriorates, the friction can cause pain to the patient. Arthritis is a serious condition that patients should detect early so they can receive proper care. A knee specialist in Singapore might be able to help them achieve the best care they need to bear the pain.

Unfortunately, arthritis is a degenerative disease that is irreversible and almost impossible to treat. But there are ways to manage it and ensure that it progresses slowly. You should contact your doctor for ways how you can treat osteoarthritis and still live a healthy life.

Suffering from orthopaedic conditions that need to be addressed by a doctor? Advanced Orthopaedic and Sports Centre can help you get treated. Learn more about how to treat a shoulder labral tear and other related medical issues.

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