Poverty is still a huge concern. To survive and function daily, the human body needs food with proper nutrition. Children are still in the process of developing and growing, and food is an extensive necessity as part of their early life. We’ve seen and heard all the care tips mothers should provide their children to be physically healthy. While every charity organisation dedicated to helping children is providing a CSR program in Singapore or crowdfunding in other countries, there are still children that are dying from hunger somewhere around the world.

Poverty & Children

According to the UN, there are 10,000 children that are dying from hunger-related causes every day, and around an estimated 845 million people worldwide are suffering from undernourishment. With all the inflation issues going around the world today, there has been a significant revision to food prices and essential supply-demand imbalances. Apart from seniors, children are the most vulnerable to this lingering effect today. Every second, a helpless child dies from starvation and other malnutrition-related conditions.

For prospering regions and countries in the world today, such effects are less noticeable and experienced since they have access to food supplies, including education, shelter and proper care. Still, a crowdfunding platform in Singapore and other parts of the world still plays a vital role in distributing help from organisations’ beneficiaries in dire need in the local area.

However, in poverty-stricken and war-torn areas, food supplies, education access, proper care and shelters are less accessible. Thus, facing the adversity of malnutrition and neglect. Children are also prone to abuse, such as child trafficking. Food quality and insecurity are strong concerns.

The Effects of Hunger On Children


Poverty and hunger are serious threats to their development and growth. The effects of hunger in children go more than just experiencing physical ailments and conditions. It also encompasses the psychological aspect too. A household that is incapable of providing an amount of food due to poverty can also cause a drastic change in its behaviour. Aggressiveness and depression are among the few negative impacts of hunger that children can experience at a young age. Thus providing crowdfunding in Singapore for organisations can be a huge help for selected beneficiaries in poverty-stricken areas.

A cranking stomach can cause them to feel upset, hyperactive, aggressive, and uncomfortable. The cognitive faculties cannot perform optimally without proper nutrition on balanced meals. Thus behavioural changes take place. It can impact a child from learning and focusing, leading to developmental delays. In some cases, hunger and malnutrition can also cause long-term learning disabilities among children. Actions other institutional agencies are providing a swift solution by granting relief supplies. Others are running campaigns, such as a tax deductible donation in Singapore to support children in affected communities by poverty.

Children need a proper diet. Otherwise, they will fall victim to undeserving illnesses that can rob them of the opportunity to experience life. Sicknesses can happen to them now and then, which makes it hard for them to live and function daily at a young age.

Most children living in poverty-stricken areas are not just exclusive to war-affected areas. But also in places that are experiencing severe drought or struck by earthquakes and typhoons. Natural and man-made disasters can also cause poverty due to food and shelter shortages, leaving many homeless and hungry. Joining and participating in donations or a CSR program in Singapore can help children by distributing donation funds with a transparent record, allowing them access to food and preventing food insecurities and malnutrition for toddlers and infants.

Saving Children From Hunger – How You Can Be Part Of Help


Organisations today in Singapore and around the world are working together hand-in-hand to save children from malnutrition and allow them to experience life without abuse and neglect. Giving them the right holistic care, from food and education via donation or CSR platform campaign, can mean a lot to help them achieve their fullest potential to reach their goals in life.

There are many ways one can do to help children in dire need of food for a better life. Here’s what you can do to help those in need:

Donating to charities

Visiting a local charity organisation or participating in a crowdfunding platform campaign can be an enormous help. Most charity organisations today aiming to help children are running fundraising and donation campaigns. Apart from monetary donations, you can also give essential supplies to be given away by the institution to families. An empty stomach will not do anything to improve a child’s intellectual capacity or fulfil their dreams when they are under food stress. Giving what you can offer via monetary or supply donations can mean a thing for these children.

Joining volunteer works

While a donation is a form of volunteer, joining to work with organisations apart from crowdfunding or CSR program is another way to reach out to children and poverty-affected families. Singapore does not run out of volunteer campaigns handled by private organisations or government-driven institutions to help people in dire need locally or in other areas worldwide.

Volunteers can also provide mutual benefits for the organisation’s beneficiaries and the volunteers working behind them via experiences that can cultivate their life and career skills and newer perspectives. Helping people, especially children, can be a beautiful experience sharing your precious time to save a life.

When more people are willing to give their time and a portion of their earnings, we can help nullify and reduce the global statistics of children dying from hunger every second.

If you are looking or want to know more about CSR in Singapore to help child beneficiaries affected by food shortages, visit Singapore Children’s Society for more info. Be part of a global solution to help children!

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