Can you imagine a restaurant without sweets on its menu? You do not have anything to eat after your meal, making your eating experience incomplete. Whether you have cookies or cakes, the sweetness it brings makes the dining better. Some people enjoy a dessert and look for ways to make it. And if you are the same, you need to know the ingredients and process of how to create the food. One of the things you could never miss in the recipe is flour. There are many kinds you can buy in the store, and a good example is bread flour in Singapore.


Learning new recipes completes someone. If you are a person who loves to stay in the kitchen, you can think of many foods you can create. But if you are more into baking or desserts, the options are limitless. Search on the internet to see recipes using all purpose flour in Singapore and other components needed in the food. If you want to create desserts at home, here are some of the recipes and their ingredients:


You will see chocolate chip cookies and their recipes on the internet. They are one of the most popular desserts in restaurants and cafes, and you can also create them in your home. If you are into this sweet, you will notice the different textures and softness of the food, making it loved by people. Here are the ingredients:


  • Sugar– you should have brown and granulated because you will use it to add a different sweetness and colour to your cookies.
  • Butter– you should use the unsalted one to avoid affecting the taste of the cookies.
  • Salt– do not put too much. You may add enough to add taste to your recipe.
  • Vanilla Extract– it adds taste to your cookies, and it should never be gone from your dessert recipes.
  • Baking Soda– to improve the texture of your cookies.
  • Flour– what you use should be all-purpose because it affects the texture and overall result of the food.
  • Chocolate– it should be in chunks, but it depends on you if you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate. If what you have is a bar, you may chop it into thin pieces. You can also buy chunks if you want to save time.

If you are looking for chocolate chip cookies and their recipes, these ingredients are the ones you will always see. Some guides might suggest other things you can add, and you may try those once you master the basic recipe. You may include marshmallows if you want to add different textures and tastes to your cookies.


If you have encountered Japanese bread flour in Singapore, one of the recipes you can create from it is Japanese milk bread. This recipe is perfect for breakfast, especially if you partner it with coffee. Its milky taste can also be partnered with other drinks, depending on when you want to eat. And if you are interested in making it in your home, here are its ingredients:


  • Milk– as the name states, this ingredient should not be gone from your recipe because it is what will make the bread milky. You may use non-fat dry milk for this bread and whole milk.
  • Flour– never leave flour in your bread because you can never create one without it.
  • Salt– use this to balance the taste, and never forget this ingredient in your desserts, even in bread.
  • Sugar– use granulated because you balance its taste. Never put too much because what you will create is bread. Focus on it being milky.
  • Yeast– this ingredient makes the dough rise, helping you create more bases for your bread.
  • Butter– go for the unsalted one to avoid adding too much saltiness to your bread.
  • Egg– use egg to add flavour to your bread. It also makes the ingredients go together.

Japanese bread flour in Singapore is available in stores, and you can add it to your ingredients. Instead of using a regular one, go for this flour for your bread. But if you want to create other recipes, try this flour. Before doing it, anticipate you will get a different texture and taste.


If you are looking for something you can eat for breakfast or anytime you want, search for wholegrain bread recipes. You will see many of them on the internet, so choose what you will do at home. If it is your first time creating one, go for the one that is easy to make and has ingredients that you can find at home and store, like the following:


  • Sugar– you may use granulated or brown, depending on the result you want to see on your bread. It also affects the taste and texture of the food, so pick what you want to use. Many people use brown because the taste is different from granulated.
  • Oats– if you eat bread, you will notice that it has things that make you want to chew more. And if you are looking for that ingredient, it is oats. Some people use cereal, but it depends on what you want.
  • Flour– never leave flour behind when making bread and desserts. It will be your foundation in creating the food, so never miss this ingredient. Use whole wheat or all-purpose.
  • Butter– it adds taste to your bread, so ensure to remember this ingredient. It also has a say in the texture of your recipe.

If you want bread recipes, never forget these ingredients. These are the foundations of your bread, and you can add more flavour, like chocolate, once you master the basic recipe.

Many people want to stay in the kitchen of their homes because they can create the food they like. If they taste something good in a restaurant or café but is pricey, they check how they can make it or even remember the taste. If you want to save money for desserts and bread and want to bake for a bigger serving, visit the website of Prima Flour. You may also learn from them the wholemeal flour benefits.

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