Whether using it as a marketing tool, promoting an exciting new brand you’re launching, getting a bulk for your company staff, or wanting your relatives to sport a matchy-matchy getup for Instagram photo ops at a family reunion, there will always be a good reason to get customised tees and contact a t shirt printing in Singapore. Sure, many people probably own a large collection of comfortable, versatile shirts these days, and you may be one of these many people. But there will always be room for more.

For whatever purposes you’re planning to use it for, a t shirt printing company in Singapore is the best resource to help you out. If you are unsure what to do, where to start, and which printing you should get, let this step-by-step t-shirt printing guide teach you the basics and know-how.


Finding an instant t shirt printing in Singapore is a piece of cake, given the convenience and power of the internet. One search on your browser and the millions of options would appear instantly. The challenge here is learning the ins and outs of printing a t-shirt. If you are clueless about where to start on getting a personal orcompany t shirt printing, here’s a four-step guide on the entire printing process, including determining your quantity & budget, selecting a printing method, finalising your design, and choosing the most workable fabric for your needs. If you’re ready, read on to lead you on your way to printing your new favourite tee!


First things first! Whether for a rush, one-week printing, or same day t shirt printing in Singapore, you can never print a shirt without having a design. Ensure you have finalised your shirt design when you contact a printer. Create one that tells a story, something that suits your brand, that freely advertises your tee, or just something that looks hipster and cute for your family. If it’s for a company t shirt printing, here’s a tip to leave you. Consider the visual elements of your branding. Say, stick with the colour palette of your logo, the typography of your slogan, the primary illustration of your entire brand, or all three combined. Also, you might want to consider who will wear your tee. Who’s your target group? Take some time to take these into consideration when creating and finalising a design.

In addition, remember that when designing a shirt, you must work with a good colour palette. Choose a design where colours won’t contrast with each other. For instance, logos are generally vibrant and vivid in colour, so you might want to choose a solid colour that allows your visual elements to show up well on your shirts, such as dark blue, grey, navy green, or black t-shirt. If you don’t have a design yet, a t shirt printing company in Singaporecan be your saviour! They can help you pick the right style, colour scheme, typography, imagery, and illustration, helping you end up with the perfect tee design.


Before getting down to business with at shirt printing company in Singapore, check your funds. If your plan is to get company t shirt printing, it would equal bulk orders, which means you can save tons of money. Ordering in bulk is a wise plan, especially if you have numerous employees to wear the shirts. If not, identify your estimated quantity and budget. Small orders will likely be expensive, as the cost per item is costlier compared to bulk.



When you work with a t shirt printing company in Singapore, their team can help you decide which printing method suits your needs and requirements. They can also provide you with the differences in cost, appearance, production time and materials in the three popular printing techniques:

Screen printing. For screen-printed tops, the t shirt printing company in Singapore can do it by hand or machine. This method is the golden standard for short printing, especially bulk orders.

Vinyl graphic printing. The t shirt printing company in Singapore uses this technique if the client wants a unique and different look, appearance, and texture from screen printing. This method creates bolder and more dimensional results.

Direct-to-garment printing. Before machines got discovered, t shirt printing companies in Singapore used this traditional method. The direct-to-garment (or DTG) printing happens by spraying ink onto the fabric.



Once you’ve settled on your design, budget, and printing method, now onto the highlight of the printing process. It’s time to find a printer. Due to the numerous t shirt printing options in Singapore, take some time to explore the possibilities and canvass their price rates. You may also request samples of actual, finished shirts, not just design images. It can help you determine which printer shows the best results.

If you’re searching online, ensure to read reviews of previous customers and recommendations from other clients, and give their customer support a call to enquire. Before working with them, you might want to contact them if they’re the right fit for your project and printing needs. Before fully deciding and doing business with a t shirt printing in Singapore, take the following factors into consideration as this can influence your decision on which printer to choose:

  • The range of printing techniques they offer
  • The cost for plain individual t-shirts
  • The cost for bulk orders
  • The printing time
  • The reviews from previous clients
  • The t-shirt cuts, sizes, materials, and colours they offer
  • The range of fabrics they offer
  • The quantities they can accommodate
  • The support and proof options

In Conclusion

When things get down to business, thet shirt printing in Singaporestarts hustling, and the printing process begins, all you need to do is wait. Once everything is good, from checking the trial to seeing the final result, you can get your shirts! Pick them up and inspect every shirt. Before leaving the shop, check if you’re satisfied with the end product. If you’re good, thank your printer for the hard work. Don’t forget to leave a review about your experience.

Do you need a shirt or jersey printing in Singapore to create the perfect tee for your needs? Let the designers of Express Printing create the ultimate shirt for you. Visit their site today to enquire!

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