As October or Breast Cancer Awareness Month is approaching, the more need for people to be aware and cautious of breast cancer. Unfortunately, breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that some women will encounter in their lifetime. Although there are available breast cancer treatment options in Singapore and across the globe, the chances of growing the said condition are still high, whether you are a woman or a man. Yup, males can get breast cancer, too.

According to Cancer Research UK, there are around 55,920 new cases of breast cancer every year. This figure is the average since they started recording from 2016 to 2018. For women, it is vital to watch out for the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, even the less common ones. If you notice any sudden change on and around your breast, seek medical advice from an oncology doctorand get immediate cancer treatment in Singapore.

For women who are suffering from breast cancer, their common physical symptoms are not the only things they battle. They also deal with emotional changes brought by the disease. A life-changing diagnosis like breast cancer can dig up a lot of emotions. Most patients suffer from major or clinical depression, especially during breast cancer treatment in Singapore or therapy sessions.

To know more about the emotional impacts of breast cancer and how to cope with them, read on to learn more.



When you receive a diagnosis from a breast cancer doctor in Singapore, everything can really feel distressing and depressing. Your world would suddenly fall apart. In addition, you may experience difficulties dealing with your emotions. It’s not uncommon to have depression, anxiety, uncertainty, fear, loneliness, and body appearance issues while battling the cancer problem. One day you’re happy and grateful for your life; the next minute, you may feel frightened to get tests and scans. Everything will feel overwhelming as you try to make sense of complex medical information and adapt to your fast-changing reality. But to help you cope with these emotional struggles, here are fIve ways.


Whether getting lung, breast, cervical, or prostate cancer treatment in Singapore, there is no right or wrong way to feel after receiving a diagnosis from an oncology doctor. You will go through many different sentiments, from fear, shock, loss of hope, disbelief, depression, anger, and sadness to numbness. Your emotions may possibly change day to day or even hour to hour. These are just one of the many emotional struggles of a person fighting breast cancer.

It is also usual to have times when your mood is very low on a particular day, followed by times when things seem more positive. When seeking breast cancer treatment in Singapore, the following days and weeks can immediately and particularly turn emotional and feel overwhelming. While other people may feel a bit calmer or less anxious after hearing their possible treatment plans, some still struggle with finding one.

Things to do that may help you cope:

  • Think about how you coped with previous trauma or stress, something not related to your disease but as grave as it is.
  • Talk to a breast care nurse or an oncology doctor. These healthcare professionals can help you understand your diagnosis, provide life-helping advice, provide you with treatment options, and support you during your breast cancer treatment in Singapore and beyond.
  • Be kind to yourself. Take loads of time to rest, exercise (but not strenuous activities!), eat healthily, get lots of rest, and do something you enjoy. Say, a passion or a hobby you were doing before.
  • Talk to family and friends about how you’re feeling.



When getting diagnosed and seeking breast cancer treatment in Singapore, you may feel overwhelmed. And that is normal. At first, you would think that the disease can hamper your daily activities. It can be challenging to carry out your everyday tasks.

If you feel like you are unable to open up to your friends, family, or an oncology doctor, you may call some cancer-centred helplines. They can offer you a chance to speak up in a confidential space. You may contact the following:

  • National Cancer Centre Singapore — 6225 5655
  • Singapore Cancer Society — 1800 727 3333
  • National University Cancer Institute Singapore — 9722 0569
  • 365 Cancer Prevention Society – 6337 3368


One of the things to look after when getting cancer treatment in Singapore is your mental health. Manage how you can cope and deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and low mood. Most patients commonly suffer from these four mental conditions. Sometimes, a cancer diagnosis can trigger major or clinical depression and panic attacks.

Although there are many ways to reduce the risks of these mental health conditions, getting treatment and consulting an oncology doctor is still the best way. After all, knowing that there are treatment options can somehow give off a sense of relief.


Feeling lonely or isolated is common for patients dealing with breast cancer or getting treatment in Singapore. They start to feel lonely more than ever when surrounded by family and friends. If you’re one of these breast cancer patients who feel lonely and isolated, one thing to keep in mind is that you’re not alone in this battle. There are more than three million people fighting the same cancer condition as you.

If breast cancer treatment in Singapore is too challenging to deal with, beat the isolation while beating the condition. Start by connecting with others who understand, share the same symptoms or sentiments, or someone who experiences the same breast cancer problem. Finding someone who is in a similar situation can help reduce feelings of isolation, as well as anxiety or fear.


Some people who struggle with dealing with cancer find it helpful when they talk to people with the same cancer problem. Find some support groups on the internet or social media to see how they have been affected by breast cancer and how they have managed it. You can talk to them regarding your worries and share your own experiences. With them, you can learn more tips on coping, ask more questions, and talk about your concerns. That way, you can also have the motivation and will to seek breast cancer treatment in Singapore.


The word ‘cancer’ itself may be a source of worry for many people, especially patients. The fears can include apprehensions regarding costs, uncertainty about how it will impact your life, ambiguity about your mortality, and how cancer may change your physical body. It can also affect your loved ones. Most especially, you would worry about breast cancer treatment options available in Singapore.Although things are challenging, try to focus one step of the plan at a time, stay flexible, and continue to fight a good fight.

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