Pain can go from moderate to extreme. However, regardless of the intensity, joint pain can affect your overall activity in life. It may be difficult for you to walk around or even climb stairs. These simple activities may seem insignificant, but it contributes to your daily productivity. Sometimes, these pains can also cause diseases that may lead to surgical treatments like ACL surgery in Singapore. 

Surgeries can consume most of your time. And they may cost more than the allotted financial budget. It is not practical to have a surgery treatment because it can cause more inconvenience. That’s why you are responsible for protecting yourself from damaging your joints. 

Of course, you can visit an ankle specialist in Singapore, but you also need to exert effort towards a healthier lifestyle. To be more mindful, here are the activities that may damage your joints.  

Daily Activities That Can Hurt Your Joints

As an active person, some activities can hurt your joints. You can be unaware because you have not yet seen the effects of your action. Perhaps, you have not also consulted an ankle specialist in Singapore for a check-up. However, repeated activities can lead to joint issues affecting your daily life. 

Starting today, you must be more mindful of how you treat your body. Ask yourself every morning: what can I do to improve my health? You can start with the simplest things, like listing what activities to avoid. 

So, here are the activities that you must avoid doing for healthier joints. 

1) Excessive Eating

Yes, all bodies are beautiful, but when your weight becomes unhealthy, it can affect your overall health, especially your joints. Since you add more pressure to your knees, the pressure can put too much stress on the joints and cause problems. As you become less mindful of your eating habits, you will gain weight and slowly deteriorate your body. Eating is one of the most satisfying experiences, but you must be responsible. 

It is advisable to set a healthier diet routine by adding fruits and vegetables. And it is advisable to eat within a schedule with the appropriate portions. Better yet, you can visit an ankle specialist in Singapore to learn more about the foods you must take. 

2) Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Everyone has different types of feet, and not all shoes can fit your physical needs. For this reason, some people wear the wrong shoes, which can affect their joints that may lead to bunion surgery in Singapore. It is also riskier for active people, like playing sports and walking for a long distance every day. Without proper footwear, it can eventually affect your overall health. 

To solve this, you can visit a foot or ankle specialist to know what shoe types are appropriate for your feet. They may also advise you to wear insoles for additional protection. With this, you can have the perfect footwear in your daily life. 

3) Skipping Stretching Exercise

Stretching is an essential part of exercising before and after the activity. If you skip this step, your muscles will not be ready. For this reason, it can affect your sports performance as your body has stiff muscles. It is like waking up in the morning, and suddenly you need to do a mentally exhausting task. Give your body a heads up before using them for safer sports performance.

Better visit an ankle specialist in Singapore, including Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal, for stretching exercises. You can ask about a stretching routine that can prepare your body for vigorous activity. 

4) Unhealthy Posture

When slouching or slumping, you put more stress on your joints. As a result, it can lead to more joint problems and affect your overall health. People working in front of a computer are susceptible to unhealthy posture because they might not be aware of their position while typing and working on a task. 

So, keep your straight back and relax your shoulders. Hold on to this position because you can promote a healthier posture. This way, you can prevent expensive treatments like ACL surgery in Singapore. 

5) Poor Quality of Sleep

Life happens, and sometimes completing an eight hour of sleep can be a difficult task to achieve. Some nights you will toss and turn before dozing off because of environmental factors. If this happens, make an effort to improve your sleeping quality by changing your environment and setting a sleep schedule.

But how does poor sleep affect your joints? Most people might think that there are no correlations between sleep and joints. However, lack of sleep can trigger inflammation in your body and worsen joint problems. 

6) Wearing High Heels

Unfortunately, some work requires employees to wear high heels. However, it can also add another pressure on your joints, especially if wearing it for a long time. You can ask your ankle specialist in Singapore to give you a medical certificate to allow you to wear flats when you need a break from wearing high heels. This way, your employers can provide a break from wearing heels. 

Aside from this, you can also choose flat shoes when going out with friends. You can wear high heels, but only pick specific events like weddings, parties, or formal occasions. 

7) Lack of Resting Period

Some people do not rest, especially when they want to finish a task in a day. Students and young professionals may focus too much on their work without setting a break period. On top of this, you can also ask your boss or teacher to give you a break. It can exhaust you in the process without a proper rest period. 

It will help you avoid going into expensive surgical procedures like bunion surgery in Singapore. Give yourself at least ten to twenty minutes when working all day long. 


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