Teachers have a great responsibility to ensure the safety of the students. They are like the second parent of the children while they are away from their parents. And so, school administrations should take the extra mile to ensure the security of the premises. On top of hiring security guards or personnel, schools can also use a CCTV surveillance system in Singapore for a safer environment.

Installing CCTV cameras prevents intruders from entering the school. It encourages honesty and gives parents peace of mind. Although Singapore is safe, parents still want schools to be 101% sure about security measures. After all, it’s all about their kids, and no parents will risk their safety.

As a school head, you must learn the importance of a CCTV camera in Singapore for everyone’s security. Here are more reasons that can motivate you to install surveillance cameras now.

Why Singaporean Schools Need to Invest in a CCTV Camera

Parents want to ensure the safety of their children, so they will only look for a school with security measures. There are still ill-intentioned people that can harm the students. And schools should not be complacent when it comes to safety and protection.

As a part of the school administration, learn why Singaporean schools need to invest in a CCTV camera.

1)  Monitor the School Visitors

Children have to be safe all the time while inside the school. The administration is responsible for monitoring the visitors to the school premises, including the parents. It is because people can pretend that they are one of the parents of your students. Due to this, it can risk the safety of all students. Better yet, give an ID pass to parents when fetching their children or bringing some lunch.

Aside from the logbook, you must look for an IT technician for the CCTV installation in Singapore to set up the cameras around the school. In doing so, you can see the faces of the people and recognise strangers. If there is an unrecognised person, you can take action to secure the place.

2)  Help During Emergency Drills

Emergencies like earthquakes, fire alarms, and other cases can be risky to the student’s safety. CCTV surveillance in Singapore can monitor the situation and see what you need to change for a more successful evacuation plan. You can check the behaviour of the teachers and students during such a period and encourage them to do better. With this, you can ensure that everyone will be safe inside the school premises.

3)  Prevent Bullying

Another benefit of installing cameras from a CCTV surveillance company is to prevent bullying. Unfortunately, it still happens despite the effort to be more inclusive. Singapore is a diverse country. There are plenty of people coming from different racial backgrounds. If a student looks different compared to the majority, bullying might happen.

Another case is about gender issues. With the rise of LGBT rights, more and more people are becoming aware of their rights as human beings. However, some people still choose hate because of religion or prejudice.

As the head of school administration, make the school a bully-free place for a better learning experience so everyone can feel included.

4)  Monitor Teacher’s Behaviour

Parents also want to ensure that the students will be safe in the hands of the teachers. However, not all teachers are good. Some do physical abuse as punishment, or worse, they sexually harass their students. Whether your child is a boy or a girl, parents must protect the child from these people. (Reminder:Tell your kids not to be afraid when they want to speak up about such cases.)

Luckily, CCTV in Singapore can monitor the teacher’s behaviour. The school administration can see who is not doing their job. A CCTV can also monitor if the teachers are teaching the students during class time.

5)  Prevents Cheating During Exams

Parents want their children to learn at school, and cheating on an exam is not the right way. To prevent this, the school can install CCTV surveillance inside the classroom during exam week. In doing so, they can avoid illegal activities like copying their classmate’s answers.

As a parent, you have the responsibility not to pressure your children to get perfect scores all the time. Tell them that their learners are more important than their grades. This way, they can focus on their learnings rather than getting a perfect score during the exam week.

6)  Gather Evidence from CCTV Footage

Some victims of bullying are afraid to speak up because the perpetrators might threaten them. For this reason, you can use the CCTV camera footage for evidence that can show the truth of what’s happening if there are no teachers around. This way, you can give justice to the bullied students. The school can also take action to provide discipline to those students who hurt other children.

The CCTV footage can also help authorities know what to do during such occasions. Perhaps, they can change the academic system for a better school system.

7)  Prevent Substance Abuse

Usage of substances or drugs may be rampant among teenagers. You can install CCTV surveillance in the hallway, corners, and other rooms so the school can monitor who students are. With the thought of a CCTV camera, students will prevent doing these activities and protect them from bad influences. This way, you can have a school environment where students have proper guidance from teachers and school administration.

The CCTV camera can also improve the security system for substance abuse as students will have more guidance.

8)  Call for Medical Emergency Help Right Away

With CCTV surveillance, the school head can see if there is a medical emergency that needs immediate attention. In doing so, you can save lives with a fast response. If, for instance, the student has asthma, you can call for medical help and the parents for immediate action. It can also help with accidents, like falling to the floor or stairs. You can ask for help from authorities and protect everyone from accidents with a CCTV camera.




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