Because water is such an important necessity, we suggest buying water purification and storage systems from the best sources possible.  USA Berkey Filters is our go to supplier to water filters and AquaTank storage units.  If you are able to stay put in the event of a natural disaster, a 300-gallon water storage tank is a great investment for the following reasons.

– It can hold water and last for a long time.

– You can use it to bath, shower, etc.

– The water tank is portable and you can move it around if needed.

– It’s pre-drilled with holes so you will not need to puncture it yourself (it comes ready).

Another essential item is a bug-out bag.  A bug-out bag is used when we must leave home due to earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami, or any other natural disaster that may cause harm. Bug-out bags are packed by the individual who would carry it when evacuating their property. Bug-out bag items include survival supplies such as food, water, shelter materials, tools, fishing/hunting equipment, and other survival necessities.   Bug-out bags are usually packed with enough items to last for 72 hours or more.

These Bug out Bags are of two types:

  • The Get Home Bag

This Bug Out Bag is designed to keep you safe and help you get back home from school, work, etc. This will allow you some time to plan the best route and get supplies if needed. It includes easy-to-carry gear such as a proper knife/tool, food/water rations, and other essential survival supplies. This Bug Out Bag may be kept at your workplace, in the car, or any other stable place where it would be easily accessible in case of an emergency.

  • Bug Out Bag (BOB) / Grab & GO

This is the most common  Bug Out Bag. This Bug Out Bag is designed to keep you safe and give you enough time to flee from dangerous areas and reach a Bug out Location (BOL). It is also called Bug Out Bags as they are prepared and ready to Bug-Out any time disasters like hurricanes strike.

They contain important Bug Out survival supplies like food/water rations, spare clothes, a first aid kit, etc. Bug Out Bag should be portable & lightweight (about 25 lbs ideally) so that it can easily be carried by the owner even when evacuating on foot.

Moreover, if the terrain becomes too difficult for walking then this Bug Out Bag and a rugged handheld should also be able to help you escape via different means of transportation.  For example, if you are worried about flooding, then Bug Out Bag should also contain inflatable rafts or life jackets.  You could also invest in a boat to ensure you are ready to escape at a moment’s notice.

Malnutrition is one of the main reasons behind deaths during any emergency situation. It may not be possible for rescue workers to reach remote places immediately and hence it would be better if you are prepared with a Bug Out supply bag in your BOL.  You could also store large amounts of food in a survival shelter or a bug-out location.  ) Sanitation is one of the most important survival supplies during an emergency situation. You need to ensure that you have a survival toilet, hand-pump water filter, and containers with which you can store safe drinking water. You should also carry additional fuel along with you for your cooking needs.  You will require food survival kits as well as long-term survival food rations.

) Batteries are always a must in any emergency survival kit.  It makes sense to invest in rechargeable batteries instead of buying disposable ones every time your flashlight runs out of battery charge. The same rule applies to other electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. You could also invest in solar panels/batteries to ensure you can use your electronic devices anytime you want, as long as there’s the sun.

You should have fire survival kits and water survival kits no matter where you are.  Your survival gear will keep you from getting thirsty or hungry which results in the failure of your survival attempt.

A water survival kit generally includes a bottle that can be used for storing water when it is filled up directly from natural sources during emergencies such as floods and droughts. The size of the bottle depends on how many days you would need to survive without any access to clean drinking water. It can be small if that lasts two days but large enough to last for weeks if necessary.

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