The experience your users have on the site will determine how much time they’ll spend on it. This will also determine if they’ll return and convert. It’s useless to have a cool website when the loading speed is poor. Website visitors are impatient that some don’t even spend two seconds waiting for a site to load.

If you want to increase traffic to your site, you need to pay attention to the loading speed. Here are the reasons why website loading speed is so important.

Users are Impatient

This is one of the main reasons you should pay attention to the loading speed. People continue to depend on the web, and it’s now part of their daily lives. Because of this dependency, people expect sites to respond fast to their searches.

When a site doesn’t load fast enough, users will think there’s a problem. They’ll immediately close the site and head straight to the competitor’s page. When working on your web design Canadaconcept, you should work on improving your website’s loading speed.

User Experience

Incredible user experience is one of the ways your business can stay ahead of the competition. You need to create a simple and fantastic experience for visitors. Your website speed is one of the things that determine the experience your users will have.

Your site’s speed should be your priority when you want to achieve an incredible visitor experience.  Everyone that lands on your website is looking for something, and they should find it as fast as possible. If it doesn’t load, you’ll not only lose your visitors but also frustrated them.

Improves SEO

How fast your website loads will determine your ranking on the search engine. If your site loads quickly, it will mean that it responds fast to requests. Google knows that sites that load slowly can also affect user-experience. They’re careful not to show customers such sites.

So, if you want Google to put you on their top page, work with an experienced web design Canada expert to improve your site speed. The faster your site loads, the better your SEO ranking.

Website Speed Ensures Conversions

The goal of every business owner is to convert every person that visits their site. However, with a low site, you’ll not see conversions but increased bounce rates. If your visitors bounce due to slow websites, it simply means your conversion rates will be too low.

The longer the site takes to load, the more time it gives your users to change their minds. They might badly want to purchase something but with a slow site, you’ll not get that sale. Make your site fast enough, and increase your conversion.

The Impression Matters

When customers visit your site, they’re not only looking to purchase something but also to see how it performs. The impression you give them on the first visit will determine how they’ll perceive your site for the longest time.

A fast loading site will definitely impress the user, and they can even make a purchase when they were not planning to. Many users believe that websites that load fast are professional and reliable. Don’t give your users a chance to build a negative impression because this will be hard to change.

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