While searching for the best work-life routine, we looked through the routine of billionaires and business-like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Late Steve Jobs, and many more. We realised that we need to consider someone with whose work-life routine our readers can relate the most. That is when we stumbled upon the profile of businessman Alejandro Mendieta and decided to study and understand his famous “work hard and play hard” routine.

In several interviews, Mr. Alex has mentioned that he has brought about changes in his work routine, which allows him to dedicate 70 hours a week to his work without sacrificing his social life. In a week, he can squeeze out time to hit the gym thrice, go out for dinner four times a week, party for two nights, and manage to have a day off.

 Sound unbelievable, doesn’t it? Let’s go through his routine to know more about it!

Unconventional Work Routine of Mr. Mendieta

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: Mendieta considers the first three days of the week the most important and explains that he makes the most of his work routine on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. From Monday to Wednesday, he goes to the office and starts his work at 10 am and finishes it only at 1:30 am the next day. In between, he hits the gym each day for forty-five minutes to focus on his fitness. He finishes his lunch and dinner at the office itself and his travel time also gets cut down heavily as his office is just a ten-minute distance from his home. Once he finishes his work at 1:30 am, he leaves for his home and hits the bed by 2 am to get a goodnight’s sleep after a heavy day at work.
  • Thursday:On the fourth day of the week, he doesn’t put himself under much pressure. Like the first three days of the week, he goes to the office at 10 am but comes back home by 7 pm. He gets ready and heads out for dinner and drinks with his friends or alone. He comes back home by 1 am and is ready to hit the bed.
  • Friday: On the last working day, he goes to the office at 10 am and comes back by 6 pm. Post work; he gets ready and goes out for dinner and a big night out.
  • Saturday: At the beginning of the weekend, he works for four hours in the late morning. If the weather is pleasant, he takes his boat out and catches a quick afternoon nap. In the evening, he gets ready for dinner and another big night out.
  • Sunday: The official weekend and Mr. Mendieta’s day off, where he is in a more relaxed mode. If the weather is good, then he invites his friends and takes the boat out. If not, he has a late lunch and relaxes for the remaining of the day. He finishes the weekend by dining outside and nice red wine.


Seventy hours of work, and still, Mr. Alex does not miss out on his fun and social life. He indeed lives the “work hard and plays hard” routine. This is one of the best reasons why his work-life routine is the best.

In one of his interviews with Men’s Health, he has asserted importance to the first three days of the week as it allows him to absorb everything. He says, “Getting older has allowed me to really appreciate the time we have and to squeeze every minute out of it. We cannot stop working hard, or we will not get to our financial goals, yet I want to have lots of fun”.

What definitely makes his work-life routine easier is the fact that his travel time is almost negligible. People spend a lot of time on the road while going to and fro between the office and home. Home is at a distance of ten minutes from the office and gym at a three-minute distance works to his benefit.

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