According to modern psychologists, there are three sides to communication that are interconnected with each other. The first is communicative, which is the process of exchanging information using verbal and non-verbal means of communication. Verbal communication is the use of speech.

It is necessary to pay attention to the semantic content of words, tone, and the timbre of the voice. Verbal means account for 20% to 40% of communication, the rest – for non-verbal means, which are a system of facial expressions, poses. A competent advocate should try to use verbal rather than non-verbal means. Thomas Mesereau, Mark Geragos, Karen Mccleave Toronto are some of the most popular attorneys in the world.

The second side is perceptive, which is the process of human perception by man. Important in this aspect of communication is the first impression that people make on each other. A lawyer needs to make a favorable impression on the interlocutor. The general impression is carried over to the assessment of his activities, and this can lead to incorrect conclusions.

The third party is interactive, which is a process of interaction, i.e. exchange of actions. A person can change his intentions and actions under the influence of others.

A lawyer like Karen Mccleave needs to take into account the peculiarities of his relationship with both clients and other participants in the process. First, clients turn to a lawyer, as a rule, in crises, and their expectations are often overestimated or simply unrealistic. They then believe that it is enough to turn to a highly qualified lawyer, and all problems will be resolved.

In search of legal protection, the client seeks to shift the responsibility for his future onto a lawyer, but in reality, after familiarizing himself with the circumstances of the case, he offers the client options for solutions, assesses the most likely consequences. He shares the responsibility for choosing the way to solve the problem with the client. Often a person, turning to a lawyer for help, is not psychologically ready for this. That is why you need to prepare him in advance for this at the beginning of communication.

Secondly, the stress in which the client is located makes him psychologically unstable. It is necessary to remember the importance of a psychological contract between the lawyer and the client. In the course of interaction, it is necessary to pursue not only the narrowly professional goal of legal advice, but also psychologically support a person in a difficult situation. First, it is necessary to give the person the opportunity to calm down and correctly assess his and his actions.

Thirdly, a conflict situation is possible in the course of a lawyer’s communication with law enforcement agencies or with the client’s counterparties. A lawyer often faces active opposition and extreme situations. In such cases, practical skills of behavior in conflict situations, the ability to find a compromise, the attorney’s resistance to stress, his ability to separate his activities from the client’s activities and not allow himself to be associated with him are required.

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