Have you been weighing the pros and cons of taking a prescription diet pill to reach your target weight with greater ease? Then you have likely come across quite a bit of information about adipex. But, what do people who’ve taken adipex have to say about it? Do they have positive things to say about this product, or do they have a lot of negative things to share about it?

To get to the bottom of these questions, we took a look at some adipex reviews that have been posted online. Check out the information below to see what we learned.

A Mix of Positive and Negative Reviews

If you look at the reviews that have been posted to ConsumerAffairs.com, you will notice that adipex has a nearly 3-star rating. There is definitely a mix of positive and negative reviews, with many people giving it 5 stars, and many others giving it just 1 star.

What Do the Positive Reviews Say?

Here are some of the main things that the positive adipex reviews had to say about this well-known diet pill:

  1. For some patients, adipex really helped them shed excess weight more easily, so they were happy with the results.
  2. Despite the positive effects of these pills, such as appetite suppression that can make it easier to consume fewer calories, people did say that they experienced side effects. But, positive reviewers have also stated that they felt the benefits outweighed the side effects.

What Do the Negative Reviews Say?

Below are some of the many things that the negative reviews had to say about adipex diet pills:

  1. Side effects appear to be quite common with this diet pill. As mentioned above, even those who gave adipex a high rating sometimes stated that they had side effects while taking these pills.
  2. The reviewers who gave adipex a 1 star rating stated that they experienced a variety of side effects, some of which were severe.

How Do You Know If Adipex Is a Good Idea for You?

After reading through a lot of adipex reviews written by people who have already given it a try, you will be able to get a much better idea of what it has to offer, as well as what its potential drawbacks are. For some people, this product works wonderfully when it comes to slimming down easily. But, for others, it falls way short of their expectations.

Ultimately, your doctor can help you decide if adipex would be right for you, based on your weight, your BMI, your medical history, your current state of health, and other supplements and medications that you are taking. If your physician says that you can certainly give adipex a try, just be sure to use it as directed to try to get the most out of it, and to reduce the risk of side effects or dependency. And, if adipex doesn’t work out for you, rest assured that there are plenty of other diet pills, available by prescription and over-the-counter, that you can turn to instead.

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