Cleaning carpet is the cutting edge because of its variety of material as all carpet materials are different from one and other so does its cleaning method. There is a need for analysis of carpets for stains, soiling or ground-in-dirt or debris, high-traffic areas to suggest its cleaning needs.

Below mentioned are some carpet cleaning problems which one can face while giving it a neat look.

Carpet Re-Soiling:

The use of wrong cleanser, excess residual which left on the carpet due to improper cleaning, use of high concentration of harsh chemical-based cleaning agents leads to the accumulation of dirt which results in carpet re-soiling.

Use a hot water extraction process to extract residue. By using this technique you can prevent yourself from facing this issue.

Buckles or Ripples:

Buckling or rippling is a common problem with synthetic carpets, particularly after a wet clean. This is the clear problem of over-wetting.

Dry out the carpet completely and once the carpet is completely dry, buckles and ripples will vanish as the fibers shrink back.

Pile Reversal:

Pressing down the carpet in different directions, causing the pile shift that makes carpet a few areas darker and a few lighter.

Matting and Crushing:

This is a natural occurrence and common problem in almost all carpet types and can be the result of foot traffic, improper carpet care, or material failure.

The most trusted solution to this problem is hot water extraction.

Draught Marking and Filtration Soiling:

They appear commonly at the edges of the room’s wall and the doorway and give the unsightly look. The reason behind this is the airflow dropping airborne dirt and dust. Inadequate sealing at the edges of the carpet can sometimes cause Filtration soiling.

The solution to this problem is Professional carpet cleaning and Anti-filtration line solution, which must be applied to those darkened areas.

Improper Cleaning:

Improper brushing can distort carpet yarns so that the pile lies unevenly, that creates shadows or making it look untidy.

Carpet Raveling:

Carpets are starting to fray and unravel. This can happen with older carpets over time from high traffic or improper cleaning and cause damage extensively.

The only solution to such a problem is the installation of new carpet.

Carpet Shedding:

While vacuum cleaning the carpet and you find the carpet fibers in it .no need to worry this occasionally happens with the newly installed carpet, when the finishing happens, some of the fibers become loose.


The slight yellowish discoloration that appears after a carpet suffered from water damage. It is completely a natural reaction, as many carpets contain matter that is derived from plants. This “cellulosic matter” will oxidase and break down, a process that is stimulated by moisture. During that oxidizing process, a natural dye is released that can lead to the yellow or amber stain.

Professional carpet cleaning is required for such a case, making sure that fast-drying procedures must be adopted by professionals.

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