The maintenance of your rifle scope is as vital as maintaining the other parts. Taking care of the optics is crucial for precise shooting/clear vision. And if you keep the scope lenses clean and adequately fitted, it’ll increase your chances of hitting the target. In the meantime, the gun optics accessories selection in Altus, Ok, is excellent, and you could find several stores that sell rifle scope parts and cleaning accessories.

The gun laws in Altus, Oklahoma, are similar to the neighboring states. You can use your gun in your private property and at the places that allow the guns. You can also transport a rifle or shotgun in a vehicle anywhere in the state unless you are prohibited from using firearms. However, the firearms mustn’t be loaded and should be kept in the exterior locked compartment of the vehicle or trunk or locked in the interior compartment.

As per the law, section 1272 bans carrying a pistol, revolver, shotgun, or rifle, loaded or unloaded, or any blackjack, loaded cane, concealed or unconcealed. And carrying a firearm without a license or approval from the authorities is punishable (jail up to 10 days to 6 months), and you will have to pay a fine of up to $100.

If you use the rifle for long-range shooting sports, you must know the importance of clarity of vision. Meanwhile, if you are into hunting, you know why one must hit the bullseye in the first shot itself.

So, this article will list the essential and easy tips for keeping the rifle scope clean and in good condition.

  1. Dust-Off the Lens

This is the primary maintenance tip, and everybody must do it consistently. Whenever you schedule the cleaning of the gun scope, dusting off the lenses should be the priority. After dusting off the lenses, you can clean them with a cloth. It would help if you dusted it off first because even a tiny particle of dust can make a scratch on the glass while you clean it with a cloth.

  1. Microfibre Cloth Is the Best

You will always have the urge to clean the lens with any cloth available at the moment, but doing this will only damage the lens. So, it would help if you had high-quality microfibre cloth that would not be so rough on the lenses. It is even better than any tissue paper of cleaning liquid.

Specially designed microfibre cloth will remove smudges and oil without damaging the lenses. Meanwhile, since the gun optics accessories selection in Altus, Ok, is great, you can find the perfect microfibre cloth in the city without any trouble.

  1. Don’t Spray Cleaners Directly on the Lens

The microfibre cloth and water are enough to clean the lenses, but sometimes, you need something more intense to remove the stubborn dirt sticking to the lens. But, you should avoid spraying the cleaning liquid directly on the lens, as it is too strong and could harm the lens. Instead, apply the cleaner to the cloth and use the cloth to clean the lens.

  1. Keep the Cap on

When not in use, the cap must be on since the gun powder, solvents, and liquids used to clean the gun could damage the lens. And when you are trekking, if the gun is not in use, keep the cap on as the dust, dirt, and raindrops could hit the lens and ruin its quality.

  1. Use a Q-Tip

Q-tip is best for cleaning the edges and hard-to-reach places on the scope. You can wrap the microfibre cloth around the Q-tip for cleaning so you don’t leave any cotton wisps behind.

  1. Take a Cleaning Kit With You

When you enter a forest for hunting, your scope will face the wrath of mother nature. The dust particles, pests, moisture, mud splatter, etc., can destroy the lens and even go inside the scope. So, it becomes necessary to bring your cleaning kit with you to the trekking or safari trip.

  1. Keep the Battery Compartment Clean

If your scope is battery-powered, it will be a good idea to keep the battery and the battery compartment clean. The weather conditions may cause the compartment to rust because of moisture when you are outdoors. Hence, clean the compartment once you return from the trip.

These tips will help you keep the gun scope clean and in perfect condition.

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