When we talk about love spells  we refer to an occult discipline, which is sometimes also referred to with the name of Magia sexualis, which aims to perform interventions that have to do with the sentimental sphere and, in fact, sexual. Also referred to as wish magic or red magic, it is based on sexual ligaments, love ligaments, returns, love spells, same-sex  love rites, magical love rituals, on the prevention of sentimental breakups and on rapprochements. In short, a vast assortment of opportunities, which however is based on a very specific ritual, which deserves to be performed with the utmost attention.

Does red magic work?

The love spells that work are effective provided they are performed by those with expertise in the field and do not leave to chance or improvisation. Their purpose is to generate feelings, but also to increase or awaken them. In other words, it is a question of inducing very intense sensations in the partner, or in any case in the person towards whom a deep love is nurtured, to ensure that the feelings are reciprocated. This is possible by virtue of a peremptory flow of energies, which helps to arouse and reciprocate a very strong love, interest or even a physical passion.

How many red magic rites are there?

Unfortunately, there are widespread beliefs around the magic of love that must be denied and   untrue legends. Many false operators, for example, claim that there are many rites that can be put into practice: in reality this is not the case, and indeed the spells of red magic are few. The effects that are obtained are very powerful, and for this reason it is necessary to choose them according to the context with which one is dealing and the needs that must be met. Powerful red magic can be used to foster a marriage or to make people fall in love two people, regardless of whether they are a man and a woman or two subjects of the same sex. But it is also useful for bonding someone to you or for triggering the return of your loved one.

It is necessary to be wary of simple spells and magical formulas that can be traced back to the rituals of Venus, just as the evocation of the planetary regency Anael has no value. Likewise, red magic does not include  Pomba Gira rituals, coffin spells, fetish rituals, love mirrors, pillow rituals, soul and witch’s snare rituals, bills of love with the lemon, the spells of knots, the ligaments with clothing or  menstrual blood, the prayers and prayers to St. Cyprian, the ligaments of the demon’s blood, the bills of red wine, the ligaments of Santa Marta Dominadora, the invoices with the reference to Fagot, the ligaments with the  mandrake roots (which, moreover, cannot even be sold), the spells of the seven knots and the macumbe of love.

Red magic and black magic

Many of the practices that have just been mentioned are not part of red magic but of black magic: they are based on unnatural forcings and concern a branch of the occult that must be avoided, since its effects are not lasting over time. Not only that: from the black magic can derive rather serious consequences, also from the point of view of health. The evocation of demonic entities, such as that which occurs with the ligament with menstrual blood, is to be considered decidedly dangerous, since it cannot be kept under control.

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