Wakatobi Island is part of a national park in Indonesia. Wakatobi is a district consisting of 4 islands: Wangi-Wangi Island, Kaledupa Island, Tomia Island, and Binongko Island. Everything is a gorgeous island. Everything is intriguing. It also offers something special for you. For people looking for tourist place references, there are various locations on Wakatobi Island that you have to visit.

The islands of Wakatobi

Each island at Wakatobi has its privileges. Wangi-Wangi Island is synonymous with its beautiful resorts. People who wish to rent diving equipment don’t have to be confused. Dive equipment rental providers are easy to find here.

Kaledupa Island is famous for having a dining table reef with a size of 2-3 meters. Contrary to Binongko Island, the largest island among the other islands in Wakatobi, which can be much more famous than Tukang Besi Island. This couldn’t be separated by the people who became blacksmiths and produced machetes and metal products.

On Binongko Island, the tip of this island of Wakatobi, it is possible to see dolphins swimming along with speedboats. Unusual, right? One more cool island in Wakatobi, Tomia Island. Crazy cool.

Wakatobi National Park

This national park was inaugurated in 1996. Its place reaches 1.39 million hectares. Wakatobi is predicted to be a paradise for sailors. There are 112 kinds of coral well preserved here. At least Wakatobi has 750-850 types of coral, shellfish, and marine species. And a few are rare species and somewhat challenging to discover. It truly makes you have excuses for not going to Wakatobi.

Tomia Island and the Crazy Things It’s

Among other Wakatobi Islands, Tomia Island hasn’t been researched much. For Tomia Island, you have to travel 3 hours from Wangi-Wangi. The trip may be a little long, but the diving spots you may find will take your breath away. Tomia Island includes 28 popular diving areas. House Reef, Ali Reef, Cornucopia, Rome, Maya Bay, and a Lot More.

A cornucopia, for instance. This diving spot is unique since there you will discover vertical walls at a thickness of 20-55 meters. Beautiful little fish? Do not ask. You’ll feel at home for a long time seeing the fish in the water. Moreover, the visibility is quite far, very supportive of photography tasks for all those of you who enjoy it. But make no mistake, this spot should only be explored by those specialists in diving.

Another diving place in Rome. This site is on the west side of Tomia Island. The dive area is at a depth of 15-25 meters, so it is relatively safe for non-dive experts. And witness the beauty of colorful coral reefs. Fish of a variety swim one of the gorgeous coral reefs.

Visit Wakatobi Island

You’re able to choose the air route or the lower path to Wakatobi. Suppose you are looking for a shorter way, you will cross the sea naturally. An alternative that does not require you to cross the ocean would be by air.

Well, this is suitable for those who want to go by air first. You can use a plane from Ujung Pandang straight to Wakatobi. The airport in Wakatobi Regency is on Wangi-Wangi Island. The space between Wangi-Wangi airport and the city center can be reached in 15 minutes. Moreover, suppose you wish to take the lower route to cross from Kendari into Bau-Bau by fast ship. Within a day, you’re served twice as many crossings.

From Bau-Bau, it is possible to take a motorbike to Lasalimu. In about two weeks, you can cross to Wangi-Wangi Island with a fast boat. The estimated time to travel to Wangi-Wangi Island is approximately one hour. And you know, Wangi-Wangi is the gateway to Wakatobi.

Let’s visit Wakatobi Island! Explore more information before you go by to get the best experience there, and please visit Wonderful Indonesia.

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