Makassar since the capital city of South Sulawesi is an area bordering Gowa Regency in the south. Makassar is a town which is renowned for its culinary location. Besides that, it also includes many tourist attractions. Beginning from beaches, waterfalls, mountains to instagrammable photo spots that are certainly visually pleasing. There are eight tourist attractions to see in Makassar. Check the list in below!

  1. Fort Rotterdam

The bastion of Dutch colonial power from the 1600s, and a remnant of history. Fort Rotterdam is made up of older Dutch buildings, using a few of them converted into museums. The entrance is assumed to be free, but tipping always helps, like anywhere else. The museums are mainly dedicated to the history of Makassar.

  1. Losari Beach

Losari Beach serves as the centre of attraction of the Makassar city. An individual will come across a variety of food stalls which have been lined up near the coast to indulge in some delicious and tasty snacks. The beach is at a strategic place which is flanked with artificial buildings, platforms, five-star resorts, restaurants and cafes along with a vast market to shop to your heart’s desire. Thus, this is not difficult to access. Location is among the most attractive possibilities for many tourists in the city.

  1. Malino

Malino is a stunning village nestled among the clouds about 90 kilometres from Makassar. The drive is long and winding, but it is entirely worth the breathtaking view. This is one of those hidden gems of Makassar, where tourists don’t frequent that often. It’s surrounded by high-altitude tea plantations and contains quaint small caf-whereby clouds that float occasionally.

  1. Paotere Harbour

The Paotere Harbour is the earliest in the country, and it used to be a central trading hub in its heyday. It’s full of colourful ships, and tourists may take a ship ride for under USD 5. It is a beautiful coast to see from a boat, and these ships are filled with friendly locals. A nearby fish market provides all kinds of freshly-caught fish and adds to the attraction of Makassar’s quaint sea-port.

Paotere Harbour is bustling during the day with dock-workers unloading and loading freight from the schooners moored at the pier. Reputed since the 14th century, Paotere Harbour is always abuzz with activity and is a great way to spend a day.

  1. Pasir Putih

Pasir Putih is 15 minutes away from the mainland, by boat. This island is generally never seen by tourists, for tourists want awareness of Bahasa Indonesian to deal and browse their way through the bargains in the island. But if tourists wish to, they can go there to get a spot of deep-seated diving and adventure. There’s also a village with its small community around the island.

  1. Trans Studio Makassar

The Trans Studio is the next largest theme park across the world right now. It is deemed to be the best entertainment spot in Indonesia today. Located in the most fantastic city of Makassar in Eastern Indonesia. It’s an excellent location for relaxing with your family without experiencing the hassle of inclement weather as the whole entertainment area is located indoors.

Built over an area 12.7 hectares, the giant building houses the whole indoor playground spread over four distinct zones. People searching for a modern form of amusement are thrilled to discover 22 different rides of distinctively diverse themes at the park. The place happens to be part of the Trans Studio World job which includes the Trans Hotel along with a residential area along with Trans Walk & Rodeo Drive.

  1. Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake from the Philippines is one of the two lakes located in Coron island of Makassar available for people. Geographically, it’s located in the northern end of the Palawan Islands that is towards the southwest of Philippines. Swimming, diving, raft rides, cave visits, and viewpoints should be on your trip when you visit Kayangan Lake.

Kayangan Lake is such a stunning site that it’s been one of the busiest destinations within the whole Calamianes Islands. You may only realize the lake’s undeniable beauty once you jump to the clear and refreshing water.

  1. Samalona Island

Formed on a bunch of coral, Pulau Samalona or Samalona Island is just one of Makassar’s hidden jewels. It’s beautiful white sand beaches, azure waters, and stunning marine life. The island is famous for its snorkelling and diving opportunities that lets one see the colourful coral reefs and fish close. Pulau Samalona is less than an hour’s boat ride from Makassar, making this tiny island the ultimate day trip and weekend getaway.

What are you waiting for? Let’s visit Makassar and see the best attractions there. To get the best experience, be sure to read more about Makassar by visiting Wonderful Indonesia before you go.

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