A fun night out with friends in Portland doesn’t have to consist of the same activities. Instead of going to the club or seeing a movie, the friends can get together and solve a murder mystery. The local dinner theater offers a great night of fun and excitement with its latest murder mystery instalment. It’s the perfect alternative to the usual night out.

Dress for Your Role

The murder mystery show gives the entire audience a chance to participate in the current story. The action moves around the entire theater and keeps the audience involved throughout the entire show.

Guests are encouraged to wear something dressy casual when attending the dinner theater, but they can dress according to the theme of the current murder mystery. Theme-based attire could make the evening more fun and exciting for the guests.

Setting Up Your Evening

When planning a trip to the dinner theater with friends, the group can review the current murder mystery show and buy their tickets ahead of time. They can go ahead and select their entree for their dinner and reserve an entire table for the group. The establishment’s website provides all the information guests need to set up their evening at the dinner theater.

Participating in the Mystery

A great night out with friends starts with participating in the new murder mystery, and the group can compare the clues to find out who the murderer is. At each step of the show, more clues are revealed to the audience, and the group of friends can work through each step of the show to solve the mystery. Groups of friends can learn more about these shows and opportunities by visiting https://www.thedinnerdetective.com/portland/ for more information now.

Competing for the Prize

With a group of friends, they can compete to win the top detective prize. With each show, there is a new prize that is announced at the beginning of the evening. The establishment offers tables of groups of ten and offers full access to the cast of characters. When competing for the prize, the group competes with others at the show, and they can have a terrific time working as a team.

Great Food and Adult Beverages

The dinner theater offers a full bar of delicious cocktails for everyone, and groups of friends will enjoy their evening more with their favourite beverages. They also offer a wide selection of snacks for attendees to enjoy after dinner. The dinner theater offers an action-packed show with a variety of personalities. Drinks and snacks are not included in the admission price, and the attendees will need to review the individual prices before ordering.

Dinner theater in Portland offers a great night of fun and intrigue for all attendees, and it offers a wonderful night out for groups of friends. When planning a night out with friends, the theater may provide an alternative to the normal evening at the movies. Friends who want to set up something a little different reserve their tickets for the dinner theater now!


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