Online poker is considered a card game that is popular all over the world. Which has started from being packed into the casino. Until it developed into the form of online poker which makes playing this kind of card game become a popular betting game. With the development of various sub-game formats the most popular poker card is Poker Texas Hold’em, although it is organized into an international tournament called Poker World Series. It is not seen as just a gambling game. But it’s also a sport that requires witty thinking to play as well.

Many people may wonder. How to play poker the basic principle of playing idn poker is that the player has to make the best hand. In which at the start of play, all players are dealt 2 cards to each other, after that in the next round, all 5 cards in the pot will be revealed, which will be divided into 3 rounds.

Dealing cards

  • In the first round, all players are dealt 2 cards face down.
  • In the second round, also known as the Flop, 3 cards are dealt to the community face-up.
  • The third round of cards is dealt called Turn, where 1 card is dealt face up onto the center as well.
  • The final round of cards is dealt called River, which is dealt the last card, or 5th card, to the pot.

As mentioned above, players have to make their hand the largest on the table. This means 2 cards in your hand plus 5 community cards. When combined, the highest card is the winner of this game.

How to play poker online

Poker games can be started with 2 players and can be played up to 10 players. This is called the Small Blind position. Half the bet is required. And the position next to it called Big Blind must bet the full amount. After that, the game will start as follows.

The dealer will deal the cards. Every player on the table is dealt two cards per hand. Of course, the cards in his hand are strictly prohibited from being seen by opponents on the table. The two cards in your hand are called Hold Cards. The person who will start the game first is positioned next to Big Blind. Can continue playing will place bets by choosing whether to play along or get over it. But if you think that the cards are not beautiful, they cannot be played, they can fold immediately.

Players that are ranked next will play in the same way.

When more than 2 people bet, the dealer will deal a flop. The remaining players will show their cards for the measure. And the person with the bigger point wins the pot.

The cards are dealt in the flop round. The player in the Small Blind position will be the first to start the game. In this round, players can choose to pass or Check without placing additional bets. And if you see that the card is good, you can raise or raise the bet. And if the cards are not good at all, you can choose to fold as well.

The next round will be dealt cards called Turn. Each player has the option of placing bets just like the Flop round, where if most players are still present, the final round called River will be dealt to the players. Each person chooses how to play.



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