In each trip, there is this search for the exceptional, the unusual which sometimes titillates, which often itches. This extraordinary, we love it in the curiosities of nature. You know, those geological and botanical accidents which, by happy coincidence, give surprising results. Pamukkale in Turkey is one of those spooky and yet very real places that only nature can create. So What To Do In Pamukkale?

Pamukkale, the geological wonder of Turkey (almost) unique in the world

It wasn’t long before we found the one in Pamukkale. In this city is located, hanging on a hill, a set of basins and petrified waterfalls of immaculate white. His vision is all the more astonishing as the surroundings are barren and arid.

At first glance, the village of Pamukkale did not make a big impression on us. It was by getting closer to this white giant that the charm began to operate.

Since the Pamukkale site is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the rules are stricter for visitors, in order to protect this fragile landscape as much as possible. Paths are marked to survey this hill and observe the basins closely. In cloudy weather, white and turquoise stand out more. It’s so beautiful that it seems artificial. And yes, don’t forget for Pamukkale Paragliding now.

The second wonder of Pamukkale: the ancient city of Hierapolis

After having taken in full the eyes (literally and figuratively because the reverberation is strong), we take the time to visit the ruins of the archaeological site of Hierapolis, directly glued to the site of Pamukkale. This ancient city, founded in the 2nd century BC, developed thanks to the thermal springs. It was the Romans, who centuries later built many buildings.

If you are looking for a guide or an organized excursion from another city in Turkey, I advise you either to see directly on site in an agency of Pamukkale, or to book via a platform like getyourguide. The advantage? You can choose from many options what suits you best, including tours in French, private or group tour, coupled with another monument, a hot air balloon flight of the site etc. In addition, these outings are evaluated, which can be reassuring.

When to visit Pamukkale? What season?

Pamukkale is open all year round. However, you will have a lot more people in the summer. If possible, avoiding the high tourist season is a good idea .

Chateau de Coton, everyone should have the chance to see it once in their life. Make a paragliding flight to Pamukkale on this site attracts over 2 million visitors each year from around the world. Millions of feet come to wade through the extraordinarily preserved limestone basins, in the center of a magical setting of immaculate white.

For the Beauty Shared

The joy and sweet madness of Instagramers who have shared the incredible historical beauty of this place offers the view so particular and unique in the world. They made it an international publicity, a place where you absolutely have to be photographed like in Cappadocia.Discover this expanse of limestone waterfalls of warm natural water, dating back more than 2000 years. This totally natural site was already used by the Romans, how about a paraglider flight to the Cotton Castle (Pamukkale) to experience the feeling of unchallenged freedom.


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