Want to visit Malta? It’s obvioushowever, how do you get around? Transportation in Malta is quite varied and sometimes a bit complicated to understand.

Rental for several days

Multi-day yacht charter in Malta, you will be able to explore most of the coastlines. The skippers will ensure that you can see the most enchanting places during the day and anchor the yacht in safe and peaceful places for the night. You can also choose to come ashore to places like Gozo or Comino for a walk and you can also enjoy a delicious barbecue on board. Experiencing the sunrise from a boat and swimming early in the morning in a secluded bay is simply magical.

Peaches walks

Long judged to be bad and from another era, sailing fishing boats are a good compromise! Ideal for people who live near the sea and who want to take to the sea from time to time. Solid and comfortable, the day fishing is pleasant and easy to steer.

Habitable sailboats

Any sailboat between 8 and 18 meters long is considered a habitable sailboat. Thus, more comfortable than small sailboats, they are perfectly suited to go on a cruise for a week or more. Whether your sailing desires are with family on the Atlantic coast or with friends in the Caribbean, this type of sailboat will satisfy you. They are adaptable and suitable for all types of programs. You can opt for the Boat for hire Malta in this case.

Long cruising sailboats

Although habitable sailboats adapt to any type of desire, ocean cruising sailboats are a category in their own right. It is difficult to define what a “long-distance cruise” is, but boats in this category have their own characteristics. Often heavier and made of aluminum, they focus on safety, even if it means leaving out performance a little. Easily recognizable by the presence of solar panels, the practical and comfortable aspect is even more present than on other types of sailboats. So, as you will have understood, long-distance cruising sailboats are made to leave for a long time, in safety, with family or friends.

Racing Sailboats

The “efficient” racing and conquering yachts are narrower and more slender. Designed to go fast, they are used in regattas and races such as the America’s Race or the Volvo Ocean Race. Unlike cruising sailboats, racing sailboats are equipped with a double rudder with a swiveling bulbous keel as well as a double helm. In addition, the comfort on board is less since it is the technical characteristics that take precedence for these sailboats. Over the years, real competition machines have been born, which has made it possible to revalue the world of sport sailing.

Cruising Racing Sailboats

Halfway between cruising sailboats and racing sailboats, a sort of in-between has emerged: the racing sailboats. They were created to be able to participate in races while combining the comfort offered by cruising sailboats. The JPK 10.30 is a pure example, it was notably nominated for the European Yacht of the Year 2020 in the racing-cruising category, a great revenge for one of the smallest European shipyards. The JPK 10.30 perfectly meets the criteria of racing-cruising sailboats thanks to its versatility. Alone, in pairs or in a crew, it will offer you comfort in all circumstances for a fast cruise.

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