Filing for a divorce is a painful procedure. Filing for divorce without a lawyer makes it more difficult. And, hiring a divorce lawyer will put a dent in your pocket.

So what is the midway? The answer to the question is Divorce Paralegal Services. Now before hiring a divorce paralegal one should be aware of few facts. One can only opt for a paralegal if he fulfills the following conditions.

  • There should be a divorce with mutual consent.
  • No children should be involved.
  • There should not be any major property distribution issue.
  • There should not be any major financial obligation which the couples have to settle jointly.

If all the above pre-requisition are met then we should hire a paralegal.

There are a few qualities one should keep in mind before hiring a Divorce Paralegal. That is

  1. He should be well presentable as it will boost up your confidence.
  2. He should be an assistant to a very good divorce lawyer as it would increase his work value.
  3. He should have a very organized office to efficient working.
  4. He should have a great rapport with his supporting staff and colleagues.
  5. He should be prompt in answering calls and emails so that his clients have better nerves.
  6. He should be well qualified to represent your case.
  7. He should have a sympathetic ear because that is a must in a divorce case.
  8. He should be a registered paralegal with the state.

After you decide upon who can be your divorce paralegal, there are the various functions he is going to perform for you.

  1. A Divorce Paralegal will be filing a divorce petition in the court of law.
  2. A Divorce Paralegal will make sure all your documents are in order.
  3. A Divorce Paralegal will make sure you have all the evidence in regards to the divorce case.
  4. A Divorce Paralegal will remind your important court dates well in advance so you can clear your schedule accordingly. 
  5. A Divorce Paralegal will take care of minute details of the court of law.
  6. A Divorce Paralegal will prepare you for the oath to be taken after divorce.

Well in short, Divorce Paralegal Services will make your divorce proceedings much smooth at a very low cost. However one should remember that a Divorce Paralegal is not a lawyer. He is just an assistant. He does the research work for his boss. He collects information, analyses it, interprets it, and then provides a summary of it to his attorney. He takes care of corporate meetings, coordinate with the client and do the routine court errands in trials or hearing.  In short, we can say he cannot appear before any court and has limited work span and experience as compared to a divorce attorney.

To sum up, we can say in the case of mutual consent divorce, a Divorce Paralegal is a better option, a more economic option, and a more personalized option.


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