Building permits are valid for the life of construction as long as it is still underway. The permit is valid for up to 6 months if work has not begun or has ceased (as per the Ontario Building Code). A Building Inspector, on the other hand, may decide to grant you a permit extension.

You can pick up your building permit at the District Toronto Building Customer Service Office or request that it be mailed to you when it has been issued. Building permits will be granted electronically after November 12, 2012. You can search for the best building permit Brampton.

Putting a Permit on Display

The construction permit document will include instructions for printing and posting the permit card in a visible location on your property. This criterion is listed on the permit card’s front (directly above the permit number). This requirement is included in Division C, Part 1, and Code Reference (1) of the Ontario Building Code, which states:

“In case when we have which is in state and a permit gets issued under the Act, the person to whom the permit gets issued, should have a copy of the same in a property for which the property has been permit, at each and every time during the construction and demolition process.


A property’s Building Permit can be transferred to a new owner. A new application must be submitted for the new owner, along with proof of ownership and a fee. On the City of Toronto’s website, you may find the fee schedule.

Following the issuance of a Building Permit:

  • Before you start working, double-check your permission drawings.
  • Colorize your sketches and store them on the project site.
  • Before beginning work, post the permit card in a visible location on the job site.
  • Inquire about any other authority approvals, such as utility approvals.
  • Arrange for inspections at the appropriate stages of construction.
  • Construction operations for a Building Permit issued must begin within six months of the permit’s issuing.

A Building Permit Cancellation

Refunds you must submit a refund request to the Customer Service Manager of the Toronto Building within one year of your withdrawal or abandonment. The amount of your reimbursement will vary depending on the state of your application. The reimbursement schedule can be found in Municipal Code Chapter 363.

Note: Under the Ontario Building Code, documents must be created by either the homeowner or a “Designer.” For more information, contact the district office.

  • Number of the application and the permit
  • Date of application and issuance of the permit
  • Roll number project information such as building number,
  • Street name
  • Lot and concession number
  • Postal code, plan number
  • Area of construction, name
  • Address, postal code
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail addresses of organizations
  • Including the owner, builder, and applicant if we are confident, they are companies (note: personal information on the homeowner is not given)

Dates of declarations on application forms for building plans, in compliance with a Freedom of Information directive on making plans disclosure.

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