Mil-Spec Paracord is the ultimate survival utility cord. If you are facing a survival situation, then Mil-Spec Paracord can be used to save your life. Wondering why? How about making a shelter, securing your belongings, aiding your next hunting trip, or creating a DIY paracord bracelet. The uses are endless.  For genuine Mil Spec paracord, buy from Tough Grid

When you’re out in the wilderness, several items are essential for your survival. One crucial thing that you need to have is a military-grade paracord, simply to tie down any sort of shelter or anything that you think you will need. The reason why it’s called military-grade is that this type of paracord is more substantial than other kinds of paracord, and it’s also more durable. It’s almost like a braided nylon container that can hold up pretty much anything.

The design of Mil-Spec Paracord is based on a standard parachute cord that utilizes a braided nylon outer sheath, an inner core of 7-strand nylon yarn, and high strength, waxy, polyethylene outer coating. It is extreme and very lightweight. It has many uses, including repairing equipment in the field or at home, hanging food high in a tree away from animals, lashing poles for shelters, or lean to’s to trees or your dwelling.

The fact that it is lightweight means that it is strong and won’t tangle up with other gear you are carrying. For example, suppose you are carrying a pack filled with water bottles and need to tie something to the outside of your pack. In that case, this paracord can be tied without adding too much additional weight to your load.

It has a waxed coating which means that it can be used in wet conditions without becoming damaged by moisture. The polyethylene coating makes the cord melt-resistant as well as water-resistant.

There are plenty of survival applications for paracord. Still, the most important one is the ability to make repairs and improvise solutions. Paracord can be used to fix or modify clothes or gear, such as replacing a broken zipper pull. It’s also helpful in adding length to tent guy lines and replacing broken straps on bags and backpacks – even bootlaces.

The strength of paracord becomes apparent when you need it most. You can tie off an injured limb and even use it as a tourniquet if necessary. You can use it to help start fires by creating a bow drill. It’s also handy around the campsite for everything from hanging food out of reach of animals to clearing brush or building shelter.

Because paracord is so versatile, some people collect different colors and lengths for specific uses. For example, a red cord might be designated as a trip-line cord, white as a clothesline cord, and so on.

There are endless ways you can use paracord in your everyday life, but this list will give you some ideas:

– Hanging food out of reach on camping trips and keeping it fresh and bug-free

– Repairing zippers on clothing, bags, or packs

– Improvising footwear or other items

If you’ve ever been in the military and used a paracord, then you know how instrumental it can be. If you haven’t, then no explanation is going to be able to do it justice.

Paracord is a nylon cord that was initially designed for use in parachute suspension lines. It can hold up to 550 lbs of weight and only weighs about 1/10th of an ounce per foot. It’s also resistant to weather, rot, and mildew. And now you can find it in many different colors and patterns. However, the original is still the most popular: the olive drab green that works great as a general-purpose utility cord.


Paracord is a fantastic utility cord to have around – simply adding one of these to your keychain eliminates the need to pack a separate knife, firestarter, compass, or flashlight. Paracord can be used for a wide array of tasks, including a tourniquet, fishing line, trap line, lashing material, and much more. In my opinion, no bug-out bag is complete without these 550-pound paracord bracelets, at the very least.


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