The recent worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has brought into stark relief the importance of the health sector, specifically the importance of the drug and pharmaceutical industry in fighting disease. During the entire stretch of the pandemic, the most important role has been of the health industry—whether in the clinical arena or general health services. As the pandemic has progressed, the focus has shifted quite a bit to the medical development end of the spectrum, specifically to the production of vaccines to combat the Covid-19 virus. Students looking for the best B Pharma college in MP should keep this in mind.

The Importance of Clinical Research

Throughout the pandemic, while companies and jobs were shutting down during the pandemic—a situation that affected jobs at almost all levels and across a lot of industries—health services were in fact not that significantly affected, in terms of employment opportunities. The role of medical establishments, from manufacturing, or retail became hugely significant during this time. Graduates from the best B Pharma college in MP who are thinking of entering the medical research field should be assured that there are amazing opportunities awaiting them on completing their graduation.

Research and development of medicines is one of the core competencies that are built by the colleges that offer Bachelor of Pharmacy in Gwalior. Students are trained in the best methods of research and development to enable them to become assets in medical companies at all levels. There are many job options in the research sector, with profiles such as Pharmaceutical Scientist, Research Associate, Quality Analyst or Quality Checker. These profiles are not restricted to the vaccine development sector alone, but to all pharmaceutical research. Additionally, these profiles are international, with pharma companies hiring overseas resources.

Salaries in the Research Sector

Salaries are pretty good in the pharmaceutical research industry, with average starting salaries around the 4 lakh per annum figure for roles such as research associates and drug safety associates. Higher salaries are definitely possible in this field for qualified graduates of Bachelor of Pharmacy in Gwalior, based on their skills and experience. For roles such as that of a Pharmaceutical scientist, whose primary job is to develop and test new pharmaceuticals, such as better medicines for existing conditions, or vaccines or medicines for new diseases, the salaries can be more than 6 lakh per annum.

Pharmaceutical research has been at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19. In sum, it would be justified to say that young students who are wondering about what course of study to adopt during graduation, would be well-advised to consider Bachelor of Pharmacy. Given the renewed focus on the pharmaceutical industry, especially on research and development during the pandemic, entering this field is bound to be a rewarding experience. This will not only provide a unique opportunity to do socially useful work but will also provide a platform for creating a  platform for a successful career in the future.

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