Mechanical Engineering is often wrongly viewed as an old-fashioned domain of work that does not offer much in the way of newness. But this domain is one of the deeply vital domains of work that are central to multiple processes across various industries. The job of a mechanical engineer from one of the top MTech colleges in Mumbai is to design and create machines that can be used in any area. These can range from heavy industry and construction to automobiles and heavy machinery, and even delicate mechanical instruments to be used in scientific research.

Mechanical Engineering in the Age of Technology


It may appear that in the current times, when the pandemic has forced companies and their operations online, that technology has finally become more important and that the relevance of mechanical engineering is over. But graduates looking to complete their MTech from one of the best colleges in Mumbai for engineering should not forget that machine design is still central, and without this, there can be almost no activity. Almost all goods are now mass-produced, and industrial machinery for specific purposes requires constant innovation. In fact, technology is present in this too as computer-aided design.

Conversely, digital technology may also have large elements of mechanical design. Robotics and automation is one such area that combines elements from both mechanical engineering and computer software to operate efficiently and smoothly. Post-graduates from one of the top MTech colleges in Mumbai may find themselves contributing to design in this area too. At the other end of the spectrum, electronic and mechanical engineering can also combine in projects such as the construction of complex machines like aircraft, rockets and large machines that are used in the construction of underground railway networks.

Mechanical Engineering Careers


The obvious career for a postgraduate from one of the best colleges in Mumbai is that of mechanical engineer in one of a variety of heavy industries from automobiles to shipping and aviation. This job role typically pays the mechanical engineer around 6 lakh per annum just as a starting figure. As experience accumulates, this salary only gets better, easily crossing the 20 lakh per annum mark. In fact, in some industries, such as those in aeronautics or aerospace, mechanical engineers may earn very handsome salaries, especially in international projects or in international companies.

This is just one of the many industries that pay really well. The petroleum industry is one more industry that requires both experienced engineers and freshers. This industry can provide some really good employment opportunities, especially in the Gulf countries. These may be project-based as well as permanent employment opportunities. In either case, senior mechanical engineers can be paid really well, easily averaging around 30 lakh per annum. This proves that mechanical engineering is still a very necessary profession even in the digital age. The obvious conclusion is that mechanical engineering should be a serious consideration when doing an MTech.

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