There are a number of common mistakes you could make if you are a beginner, and we will help you avoid it right now.

Here are the most common:

NB: If you prefer to be accompanied in your SEO, you can call on an agency specializing in small business seo. Pragmatic, transparent and creative, they have all the qualities required of good “SEOs”.

  • Use the same title on all pages:  Every page on your site is unique, or should be in all cases. In practice, this means that your SEO titles should be unique too. It seems obvious, but on many sites you will find the same SEO title for all “Welcome to our site” pages. It’s such a shame to waste such an opportunity to describe your pages to search engines.

The worst part is that it will be the text that appears in the search engines and there is nothing less motivating to click on it. So take your time, watch all the pages of your site and burn a few neurons on each of your titles as it deserves. By making sure that it describes perfectly, and in a unique way, the content of the page in question.

  • Not being able to customize your SEO titles: This is the case for those who use a free blog like (and not It’s like having a car whose top speed on the highway is 60 km / h, when all other cars can go 120 km / h.
  • Start with your business name: There are many reasons to include your brand in your SEO title, but it shouldn’t be something by default. As we told you, you have 70 characters to ensure its success. So if your brand promotion eats 30 characters, then you can only play with 40 small characters. It is not always easy to work with so few characters. If you still want to promote your brand, do it at the end of your SEO title instead, when you have space.

List many key words

The desire to include all possible key words in our title generally leads us to excess bordering on absurdity. Beauty, Make-up, Diet, Diet, etc. You may be able to get all of your keywords in, but from there until you get your reader to click, it’s a world. While it’s important to include your keyword in your SEO title, try to limit yourself to one keyword per title. Think about your reader first and not just Google.

Broken promises

Beyond having a catchy title to get as many clicks as possible from Internet users, if when they return to your site, they realize that it was not at all what ‘they were looking, they will go immediately. So don’t lie so as not to disappoint them. This will only increase your bounce rate, and that Google doesn’t like.


Repeating your keyword twice in your SEO title can help boost your ranking. But, if you do it more than 2 times or use the same keyword consistently, Google is likely to consider you a spammer.

In summary:

  1. Try to incorporate your keyword into your SEO title and as early as possible in your title.
  2. This title should be descriptive, relevant and at the same time catchy: you are competing with 9 other results to capture the attention of readers on the results page of Google.
  3. Be careful with broken promises. The bounce rate is a parameter that has an increasingly negative influence on SEO on Google.


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