Education does not end in the four walls of a classroom – it continues throughout your journey in life. With the aim of constant learning to contribute to the world of education, the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is offering post-studies in the Graduate School for individuals interested in further researches in their various endeavors. It is devoted to the promotion of academic excellence to lead the nation’s development.

The Graduate School in UST-Legazpi was established in 1951. Throughout the years, it has produced top-notch students who have enormous and significant contributions in their respective fields. With career advancement and professional development in mind, students are honed to be the better versions of themselves – disciplined, flexible, and proactive.

All dissertations written by students of Graduate School are sought to have social impacts beneficial in the community. These produced researches shall help resolve, improve, or create several policies and programs in the country or region.

Apart from the Graduate School, UST-Legazpi is known for its effective programs in all levels of education from the UST elementary to the College of Law. If you are planning to enroll for post-studies, this can serve as your guide. Be a Thomasian and achieve your doctoral or master’s degree today.

Take note of this information that can help you have a glimpse of UST-Legazpi Graduate School.

Convenient Facilities

UST-Legazpi is complete with the necessary school facilities and equipment that every graduate school student can use and maximize. It offers fully air-conditioned classrooms, libraries, and wireless-based internet connections that are all helpful avenues for dissertation writing. The life spent inside the campus is made memorable through several activities that the UST-Legazpi seeks to provide every semester or even month.

Principles Of The Graduate School

The Graduate School of UST-Legazpi is anchored on various learning and teaching principles: student-centered, outcomes-based, research-based, competency-based, and strong support and monitoring. The institution focuses on successfully improving the skills of the students as they pursue master and doctoral degrees. These are further realized through inclusive and effective curricula or programs provided. UST-Legazpi is hailed as the best schools for business management Bicol. It is, likewise, the best training ground for graduate studies.

Varied Program Offers

There are different post-studies that you can pursue in the Graduate School of UST-Legazpi. They are the following: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Master of Laws (LLM), Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Public Administration (MPA), Master of Arts in Education (MAEd), Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN), and Master of Science in Management Engineering (MSME). You can check them more at for further details.

Remarkable Faculty Line-Up

The pool of educators or faculty members iscompetent and highly-proficient. These are the mentors that shall train or mold every student throughout their life in the Graduate School. UST-Legazpi ensures that all professors can realize the potentials of the students – to write dissertations effectively, pursue academic excellence, and successfully contribute to society. These are few of the many reasons as to why the institution is keen in choosing teachers. To know more, you can visit the remarkable faculty line-up here at for further information.

Final Word

College of Law in UST-Legazpi has been continuously producing lawyers in the Bicol region. It is one of the best law schools to date. Use this guide as soon as you plan to enroll in a Dominican university.





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