Poker is among the most popular games that have a huge online customer base across the world. No wonder that it is fun, but there are some challenges that you need to overcome so that you can win and earn. With the many options available in the game, one of the most popular is the 3 card poker. Do you have knowledge about the way to play 3 card poker? If you are new, then here we will look at the way to play 3 card poker.

3 Card Poker – What Is It? 

In the year 1994, the 3 card poker was first discovered. The major idea behind this discovery is to make Poker more efficient and a better way of Poker compared to other games. It is a fun game that mentally stimulates the players with only one drawback of being a very slow game. This is to tackle that slow game and create something new that can make the game even faster. Thus, you have to make sure that you know about the way to play the 3 card poker and enjoy a better experience.

How can you play 3 card poker? 

3 card poker is an easy game. This is a game where the players will not straightaway compete with others. Rather, they would compete with the dealer. Each player and also the dealer is being dealt with three cards.

When you start playing the game, every player would need to give the ante bet in their pot. After the cards are dealt, players have options to look at the cards and decide if they would like to continue in the game or forfeit this game. In case the players are willing to continue with the game, they would require putting play wager in pots, and if they want to forfeit, they have the freedom to fold the hands.

In the time when the players either post-play wager or fold their cards, the hand will be compared to the dealer’s hand. The player who has the better hand will be the winner. There are a total of 6 card combinations in the 3 card poker. In the game, a straight flush is something that is most valued, and the high cards as the lowest ones. This is definitely a game of luck and a game that needs intellect.

Dealers who are playing will have to have the Queen or maybe higher. In any event, if dealers start losing when they do not have any queen or have higher cards in hand, no actions will be taken on the play wagers. This is when ante bets are also being paid to players at 1 to 1 odds. You need to have the knowledge of the basics of 3 card poker to be able to enjoy the game and win it.

The Basics of 3 Card Poker: 

So let us find out some basics of playing 3 Card Poker. In case you are betting, and the dealer’s hand does not contain Queen or something better than it, the dealer will not play, and you will be the one to win the ante bet. However, in the case where the dealer has the Queen or something better than that, you have to beat the dealer for winning the pot. If you are the one to win, you will get paid on both Play bet and ante bet. In case you lose the game, both bets will be taken by the dealer.

On 3 card poker, most hand ranking is similar to Poker. However, here you will be using three cards along with a straight hand is higher compared to a flush. Thus, when you have a mini royal flush which is A, K, Q, and a straight flush are on top of the rankings. After this comes the three of a kind, then a straight, then a flush, a pair and the high card.

So now that you have knowledge of 3 card poker, you can definitely try your hand and luck. Download GetMega today to play and win 3 card Poker. The exciting rewards are something that would keep you coming for more.


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