Dubai being home to advanced architecture and technology has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. With so many hotels suitable for a wide array of tastes and budgets, this specific city-state is a paradise for one who loves to travel. So, if you are planning to visit here, then this sheer abundance of 5 Star Hotels in Dubai will be an advantage. But with so many options, there also arises confusion about how to choose the best one. We have mentioned 5 essential tips that will help you to book a hotel in Dubai.

  • Do your research:Before you plan to book a hotel in Dubai, you must do your homework. Just consider thoroughly researching the prices of different hotels and then compare them with the facilities provided. Always consider opting for a cost-efficient staycation. Also, know about your requirements. See what facilities you are looking for? You don’t want to pay for the facilities that are non-essential for you. Consider asking around your social circle, including friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbours, for the recommendation of decent hotels in Dubai.
  • Understand the policies:Dubai being an essential part of the Islamic country, has policies that are completely different from the neighbouring western countries. You can find many Sharia-compliant hotels here which do not allow unmarried couples to share the same room. Similarly, it is advisable for LGBT couples to look for hotels owned by larger international brands as these hotels have more flexible policies. Some Sharia-compliant hotels have also compiled strict policies about the food served, alcohol, and smoking. Therefore, it is highly suggested to understand the policies of the preferable hotels for the staycation in Dubai.
  • Know the amenities provided:While you are searching for different hotels in Dubai, you should be clear about the amenities that are important for you. In case you want a completely self-catering tour, then the best option for you is to book a hotel having great privacy. But if you want to have a vacation where all your needs have been taken care of just like hotels, then consider booking the hotel providing 24/7 services. If there are other amenities such as gyming, entertainment section, pooling, dining, and cleaning services on your list, then there are several hotels to choose from in Dubai.
  • Look for online customer reviews:The best way to know about the condition of the hotels shortlisted by you to live in Dubai is to check the online reviews provided by past customers. Suppose you are not satisfied by the feedback mentioned on the company’s websites. In that case, you can surf other reputable websites specially designed to provide honest feedback of customers staying in different hotels. These reviews will help you to get the necessary insights into not only the hotels but also the company providing such services.
  • Consider the booking season:Hotels in Dubai, when the booking season is at its peak, can be very expensive. It is during the hot summer months, when the temperature rises above 39 degrees, the ideal time for the travellers looking forward to booking a hotel at a budgeted price. During the off-season, many luxurious hotels offer accommodation at a much lower price acting as a great opportunity for the one who desires to explore Dubai economically. Also, in festive seasons one can find a room in the hotels at great deals.

Going by the above considerations, you cannot only easily book hotels in Dubai but also 5 Star Hotels in Abu Dhabi and thus, can ensure an enjoyable vacation at both destinations.

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