Rugs make our floors colorful and let us style our home in different ways. Rugs and carpets are used as aesthetic floor coverings for many centuries. Whenever you hear a story or listen to some King and emperors’ magnificent rule and palace interiors – then you might have always found accounts of how beautiful a carpet or rug was in their courts and rooms. Kilmis and patchwork rugs are handmade, hand-woven types of rugs. There is no doubt in saying that both of them are rebellious forms of vintage carpets.

Kilmis is a Turkish word that refers to the pile less piece of cloth which is hand-woven made based on flat hand weaving ways. Whereas patchwork rugs are patches of colorful and different pattern clothe sewed together by hands. Both of these rugs are oriental types and famous all over the world.

The reason for its popularity is:

  • Durability as they are made from natural and durable fabrics
  • Eco-friendly
  • Kilmis and patchwork are rich in colorful designs and patterns. Your mind can go wild by thinking of how many patterns you can use to make a single Kilmis or patchwork rugs.
  • Both of them are traditional yet modern rugs.
  • Both Kilmis and patchwork are very affordable.
  • These are comfortable and thermal insulators.

How to style:

If you are looking for ways to style your house with Kilmis and patchwork, you can do it by:

  1. If a patchwork rug is your choice for the living room, then the best place to lay it down is in the center of your sofas—usually, the place where we sit in the dullest part of our living room. But patchwork rug will increase the beauty of the area and immediately make it a center of attraction. It is comfortable and soft, so you can sit on it and enjoy the time or just lay your feet to get a relaxed feeling.
  2. If your room is big enough, you can place it in the center or some specific corner of the room to brighten up the place, and everyone will love that corner. The colors and patterns go along with interiors and will look incredible.
  3. Patchwork rugs are light and cheap so that you can change them according to occasion and climate. Moreover, get them customized according to the event to look like part of it. For instance, Christmas is near, so why not try red, green, snowy patter for rugs? Think out of the box, and you will love your room.
  4. In bedrooms, Kilmis will provide the best spot to relax after a long day.
  5. Do not want them to lie on the floor; do not worry, hang on the wall, and make your visitors aw with amusement. Brighten up your walls with colorful addition.


Kilmis and patchwork rugs are versatile, and you can decorate and style your home the way you want. Their colors and patterns will reflect positive energies, and everyone will fall in love with the way you style. Good Luck!

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