Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth ii was born on 21 April 1926 in England. She is considered the Queen of the United Kingdom and also the commonwealth realms of more than ten-nation. Elizabeth was born in a place named Mayfair in London.

She was educated privately without going to any schools and began to work and undertake the duties during the time of the second world war. She got married to Prince Philip in the year 1947. Later on, Queen Elizabeth got four children.

Her father died in the year 1952, and she became wealthy realms of nearly seven nations. She is above age 90, which gives her the title of becoming the only British monarch for living so long. There are many questions raised against queen Elizabeth II. Here are four basic questions and their answers.

  • Why Queen Elizabeth II celebrates two birthdays in a year? 

Sometimes it might seem to be immoderate, but as per the Royal family protocols, the monarch celebrates his/her birthday twice a year. That is one in their actual birthday and one on the initial days of June when the birthday could be marked by the colour parade followed in London, which is also known as gala Trooping. However, there are many other reasons for it.

  • What contribution did Queen Elizabeth II make during the time of World War II? 

Well, from a princess point of view she made a lot! She was a young princess for England; therefore, her father worried for herself and Margaret because of the fear of German bombing during World War 2.

Hence, her father moved both of them to Windsor Castle for security purposes. Although Queen Elizabeth II denied and devoted herself to the service of the public during World War 2. She learnt about ambulance and truck driving as well as to repair

  • Does Queen Elizabeth II want retirement?

The still and stable energetic body and mind of Queen Elizabeth II does not give any type of indication for the retirement of her. Instead, she loves to work for her job throughout her life. Although if any critical conditions like any disability occur to queen Elizabeth II, then probably, she might be getting retired. But for now, the answer is not at all. She is always ready to serve the local people and help the government to decide policies for the nation.

  • How come she is living so longer life?

There are many aspects for the long life of Queen Elizabeth II. One of the most reason why Queen Elizabeth has a longer life span is the healthy diet plan, best medical facility all over the world. She also has a good routine for her day-to-day life.

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth II never takes citrate or any other harmful drugs. This is why she has become the only and the first-ever monarch from Britain to live so longer lifestyle. She also has the energetic mindset of manage the government works. This all adds to the long life of Queen Elizabeth II.

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