The world is unfair, not because some are destined to be the minority, but because many people are greedy and have tons of privilege. They tend to step on the vulnerable groups in the community for their gain. Unfortunately, some politicians are out of touch with reality and keep on oppressing vulnerable people in society. One might ask: Should we live in this society and be complacent?

Of course, not! Anyone can be part of the change if they want to start a social movement. You can try by involving yourself in the community. As you immerse yourself in the community, remember that you must be sensitive with your words. Be more understanding and listen to them. So, here are some tips for communicating with a vulnerable community.

1. Listen to Their Stories

Minority groups are consistently misrepresented in the mainstream media, making people conceptualise wrong ideas. For this reason, it can lead to harmful stereotypes that can affect their safety. For instance, people living in poverty do not mean they are lazy. They live in poverty because of a lack of opportunity, so listen to their stories and be more compassionate.

2. Research More About Their Groups

Researching and learning more about the group will not do any harm. Take your time to learn about their struggles and daily experiences. A compassionate ear can make a difference because you know what steps to take to improve their lives. Since poverty and education are intertwined, you can take steps to learn how to improve the situation.

3. Remove Your Biases and Stereotypes

It’s not your fault that biases and stereotypes exist. Fortunately, you can educate yourself. When speaking to the vulnerable groups in the community, listen to them without preconceived notions. Treat them just as you would treat other people. Learn how to remove biases and get to know their life stories.

4. Make Efforts to Contact Them

With access to social media, you can make efforts to contact them online too. Aside from face-to-face visits, you can keep them informed through other communication mediums. This way, they know you are trying to learn about their stories.

5. Let Them Celebrate Empowerment

In Singapore, the poverty line has robbed people from celebrating their life and achievements. As a volunteer, let them celebrate their cause to feel empowered. Allow them to talk about their struggles and strengths to improve their self-esteem.

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