Styling celebrities might be one of the best jobs of all time. Imagine planning out an outfit for a celebrity and working on it for weeks. Well, this is very common when the person is going to be in front of millions of people—all the individuals who enter the fashion industry dream of being around top-notch personalities.

Well, all can’t fulfill the dream because of the lack of training. However, the one who gets the opportunity tries to keep the circle small. To help out all the fashion enthusiasts, we have covered a few of the top skills using which they can make sure to hit the bar with some celebrity.

Right Experience as a Trainee:

To become a celebrity stylist, it is important to have experience in the field. You can work with many companies, but all won’t provide you the right guidance you need. Therefore, to gain what you want, look out for an internship where you train understands some stylist working for celebrities.

Celebrities like to live a close life with only the known ones in the circle. If they aren’t aware of you or your portfolio, they surely won’t hire you in the first place.

Build Your Portfolio:

Having your portfolio is important. It is not just about showcasing your skills, but it also shows the level of integrity and works ethics one has. To be on the safer side, one can keep creating an open page of his/her portfolio, which will be available for everyone. This is not just a great way to showcase your skills but also to gather new clients.

The importance of building your portfolio can be learned from celebrity stylist Salem Moussallam. Salem Moussallam is a Toronto-based stylist and designer and treats his prop styling tool-kit as an absolute essential.

Learn about the celebrity:

Just having good fashion sense is not enough. Celebrity likes to meet the person who understands them. It is important to know about personality and having certain things in common. This is the upper hand you always wanted to have. One can also try to go to different fashion shows where they will find various information and new style, which can unleash the creativity required for so long.

Improve your Research Skills:

Just following the trend might not be enough. Many things aren’t available on the internet, and the best way to get to know them is by putting in efforts. You need to interact with people to know what they know and can be exclusively used by you. This is a smart way to incorporate new things into your plan.


To get a job as a celebrity stylist, it is important to put in great efforts. You can’t just afford to lose any of your clients. You might have to cut down on your sleep hours, but all of it will be worth it if you’re ready to put in the hours required.

Using the steps mentioned above, one can get the upper hand while trying to make a break as a celebrity stylist.

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