There are different kinds of pizzas that suit the taste of different people. Whether you want a non-veg pizza, a veggie delight without meat, or a complete vegan pizza, elite Montreal based pizza houses like the Double Pizza, pizza house offer all such options. Some of the best pizzas that they offer include the following Montreal specialties. 

  • Pepperoni pizza
  • All Dressed Pizza
  • Mediterranean Pizza
  • Cheese or double cheese pizza
  • Philly Steak Pizza
  • Hawaiian Pizza
  • Halal Chicken Pizza
  • Quebec Pizza

These are but a few options only. You can also contact Double Pizza to explore their entire menu.

That said, let’s now take you through some wonderful online and takeaway deals that are offered at this pizza house. Have a look! 

  1. 7 Days Pickup Special Deal

This deal for offline takeaway orders offer the following pizzas. 

  • You can buy a large cheese or pepperoni pizza at the base rate of just 10.74 dollars. 
  • You can buy an all-dressed large pizza at just 13.74 dollars. 

If you are, however, interested in customizing these pizzas with extra toppings, you will always have the option to do so at additional rates. 

  1. C2 Special Deal

This Double Pizza deal for online orders is a wonderful combo meal that’s enough to feed one person. Beginning at the base rate of 23.99 dollars, this one offers:

  • Two medium pizzas from the Double Cheese menu. 
  • One medium packet of fries. 
  • One 2L Pepsi bottle in beverages. 
  1. Game Night Special

This online deals, starting at 21.99 dollars, offers a combo of:

  • One large all-dressed pizza. 
  • 8 chicken wings.
  • One sauce.
  • One small packet of fries. 

That said, it might perplex you that why buy from Double Pizza only when there are so many other options in Montreal? If that is something that you’ve been thinking about, then the answers are as follows. 

  • Unlike most other pizza houses that use frozen pre-baked pizza bases, Double Pizza makes theirs fresh. They knead a fresh dough every time they get an order so that you get to enjoy your food while it’s extremely fresh. 
  • This pizza house does not use artificial flavors. All their herbs, spices, veggies, and meats are fresh. 
  • The Double Pizza food delivery services enable you to get your orders while they’re still hot and fresh. 

Last, they are also popular since they run a stunning loyalty program for online orders placed from their website. Here are the details of the loyalty program they run. 

  • 5 dollars spent are worth 1 loyalty point. 
  • Once you have as many as 30 points, they can be used to buy 1 large all-dressed pizza or any three toppings that you like, free of cost. 

So, if you’re buying a pizza, then, do try the flavoursome options at Double Pizza

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