One of the most popular and delicious dishes you have tried is the Foie Gras. The delicacy has a sweet taste with a silky texture which makes people crave it more. But do you know that since ancient times the Foie Gras has been debatable about the origin? Country and one of the credits went to the famous chef Jean Joseph who got credited for making the France origin foie gras a most popular delicacy in and around France and other countries. You get to eat Foie gras by enlarging the liver with tube feeding for a couple of weeks. The duck or goose may not be able to get their liver expanded in a stressful environment as they may not be able to produce a significant quantity of foie gras or not at all. By feeding them naturally, their body simulates, and their liver gets enlarged, which you get as the rich taste and smooth silk butter texture.

·       History In Brief:

According to the well-known resources, the Ancient Egyptians had discovered the secret of delicacy while they were on a hunt for migratory geese and ducks. As with the bird’s nature, the birds tend to gorge themselves before long migrations. The extra eating helps them to survive in the long migration and also increases their fat level. The Egyptians took advantage of these migrating ducks and geese during the winter period.

From Egypt, it started spreading across worldwide and especially in Rome. During B.C., the Romans discovered another interesting fact that geese and ducks were able to get their liver more enhanced by taking fruits in their regular meals.

After Rome, the delicacy moved to the European countries and to be precise in France. And it became so popular that they are now the largest producer and consumer for Foie Gras production.

·       Production In An Ethical And Friendly Way:

The France origin foie gras and its production have always been controversial since recent years. And getting that top-notch silk texture and the taste makes it one of the expensive items around the world. Regrettably, the production of Foie Gras is the cruelest thing by a human to the birds and animals. With the advancement in the medical research fields, the alternative got discovered which can get fed to the goose and duck instead of forcibly feeding them. Many of the countries have already banned it and looking forward to contributing more to the welfare of birds and animals.

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